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Feeling dizzy / spacey - Gallbladder?
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Feeling dizzy / spacey - Gallbladder?

Hi there.  I'm a 35 YO male here.  Long story so fasten your seat belts.

Here's what's going on.   About 7-8 years ago my bowel habits changed.  I was usualy a 1-2x per day guy.  Now I'm more like a 2-3x / day.  Sometimes (rarely) 4.  I'm almost always 3x / day, usually spaced out about 45 min to and hour, almost always in the AM.    I usually have "sudden urges" to go.   I can maybe hold for 5 min, but usually not longer.  Consistency (sorry if TMI) is usually applesauce / oatmeal like.  Rarely constipated, but not diarrhea either.  I think I have a "fast" GI track.  Most time if I eat dinner by 7 PM I see it the next am around 7-10 AM.   Often times vegetables are undigested (pea pods, lettuce, etc.)

All this is not the issue.   I've gotten used to this and while sometimes inconvenient I have always felt more or less okay.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with GERD.   My primary symptom was coughing / clearing my throat, particularly after fatty foods.  Never really had heartburn.   I've been on 40mg of Nexium per day ever since and have felt more or less normal.  There are occasional "flare ups" that last a few days where I cough, etc, but for the most part life is good.

My wife and I tend to eat well most times.  Lean meals with lots of veggies and whole grains. We rarely eat steak...when I do eat steak now (after such a long time of not eating it) it really throws my system out of wack.  Bad, smelly gas, cramps, and loose stool.  So I don't eat it.  No biggie.

I travel a lot for work, a good portion internationally.  Last November, the week before Thanksgiving, I had to go to Germany.  I had run out of Nexium about a week before and was waiting for a new Rx to be mailed to my mail order pharmacy.  So no Nexium in my system.   First day was fine...we ate a heavy German meal.  Next day ate breakfast and felt okay.  By mid morning I felt terrible.  Light headed, sweaty, hot, nauseous.    I went back to my hotel and slept all day / night.  The next day, had some loose stool but felt more or less okay.  The next 3 days I had periods of sweating and hot / cold chills.  But overall was fine.   When I returned home the week before christmas, my stomach felt fine.  But I would have periods of feeling light headed and dizzy.  I also had wicked heartburn particularly after means.  This freaked me out a bit.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I got my Nexium prescription finally.  Took a pill and all was normal.  

I ate normally and felt fine at Thanksgiving, all throughout December and January.  Even when eating terribly fattening food in large quantities over the holidays.

At the end of January, I want on a 12 day international trip.  All was fine until the second to last day.  I was in Germany, again.  I had a lunch of Schnitzel and fries (love them) for the second day in a row.  About 3-4 hours later I felt sick again...rather like I did in November, but not quite as bad.   Sweaty, chills, stomach cramps / mild pain.   I fortunately got to the hotel, had 2 bowel movements (while sweating), and then started to feel better a about 30 min later.  

Next AM I had diarrhea so I took an immodium and flew home.   I otherwise felt normal and ate / drank as usual.   That was Friday, Feb 5.

On Monday, Feb 8 I had my regular checkup with my primary doctor.  I mentioned the stomach issue in Germany, my Beef aversion, and bowel habits, etc.   He said it was "not normal" and encouraged me to see a GI specialist.  He said it could be IBS, Gall Bladder, Celiacs or something else.  I was actually tested once for Celiacs in about 2006 and it was fine.

So I have my Dr's appointment with the GI doctor next week.

My concern is since I met with the Dr on 2/8, I've been having bouts of dizziness / lightheadedness.  It isn't so much vertigo as it is a feeling like I've had a few cocktails.   I feel "spacey" like someone else is driving sometimes.   Sometimes it is after meals...sometimes before.  It comes and goes.  I also occasionally feel hot.  Sweating has stopped.

I've also had very very mild cramps in my abdomen this past week (not really before.)  Some is on the upper right side / lower right rib cage area (gall bladder?).  Sometimes it is center, right below the breast bone, sometimes it is left side below the rib.  All very mild and just in the past week.  I really only noticed the cramp / pain on the right side after reading gallbladder posts.

Digestion has been more or less normal (for me) since the event.

What do you think is going on?    I've read a lot of Galbladder issue posts and it seems like the 2 events in Germany could be gallbladder attacks.  Except I never really had any pain in the gallbladder region.  

Could it be my GERD acting up?  I've been on Nexium for 4 years.  Perhaps the dizziness is a side effect and I need to change meds?

Or is it gallbladder, anemia, B12, or other?

I have some gallbladder symptoms, but not others.  I have GERD, but that doesn't explain the light headedness / dizzyness (which is my primary concern as of now.)    

I just feel "weird" and a bit spaced out.  Is it all related?

I haven't really had heartburn, but do burp a lot.   I sometimes feel like "fumes" are coming up my esophagus.  

I'm hoping a new PPI drug will solve it.  I don't want gallbladder issues.

Any ideas?
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You should check your blood pressure and heart rate while you are lying down, sitting and then again while standing.  See if it flucuates from one position to the next.  

You might have some autonomic dysfunction going on.  My son (15 years old) has this but severely.  His symptoms are abdominal pain(right side), dizziness, hot spells, nausea, brain fog.  Sometimes he has weakness in his legs as well.

The autonomic nervous system runs everything in your body that is involuntary (ie-digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, body temp, etc)  When this system gets out of whack a lot of symptoms can occur.  For some people the autonomic nervous system gets messed up after having a virus or being sick.  Others they don't know why it goes out of whack.  

One of the indicators is usually if from lying down to standing up, your heart rate goes up more than 30 beats.  My sons doesn't always go up more than 30, but sometimes as much as 50 or 60 beats.

Do some research on dysautonomia (autonomic dysfunction or POTS-postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).
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