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Heart related issues, Gastroparesis, or just anxiety/stress
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Heart related issues, Gastroparesis, or just anxiety/stress

In the last three months I have had a stress test (all came out well), then last thursday I felt dizzy all day, and light headed, along with chest pain. So I went to the ER, and they ran a EKG and blood test to no avail.

I have been stressed with deadlines at work, and as I type this I am TRYING to get the last bit done and the light hedness and chest pain started again, along with a light cold sweat.

These bouts of light headness, and dizziness seem to hit primarily at work but also at night. Feels almost like low blood sugar, or dehydration, but in all cases I have eaten, and been drinking water. So I dont think that is it. Also had recent blood sugar tests and all came back good on that too.

Recently at night when going to bed I have had a hard time getting and staying asleep as I feel dizzy and my stomach feels tight and nauseous. I hjave woken up a few times covered in sweat and feeling like I had mild Vertigo.

Everything points at stress/anxiety. But one thing I have read has me wondering if I should see a specialist.

In 1992 I had my appednix burst, and spent 2 months in the hospital as they stried to get my bowels to straighten out without surgery. As surgery would have included a permant colostomy bag and they were trying to avoid that.. and did thankfully using a ballon that worked its way through my system.

That said, my bowel movements have been normal. But still I wonder if it isnt gastroparesis or something similar. That wouldnt show up in tests for heart related problems. Because back in 1992 (When I was in my late 20s') I was told my bowels by repair themselves and I never have a problem or I may start seeing issues in 10-20 years.

What ever it is, its driving me crazy.. and I don't want to waste a lot of time in a lot of tests that mean nothing if its all in my head. But don't want to see my general doctor if he is going to run me through a bunch of test I have already taken and that will show nothing.

Would it be worth it to see a Gastro specialist to confirm all is still working right.. or a Psycologist..? Or both.
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Hi CDGoin. Welcome to the forum.

Hypoglycemia is the first thing that come to mind, that encompasses most of your symptoms.
It could be caused from overconsuming sugar, white flour, simple carbs,
alcohol,tobacco, caffeine.
Other causes are : impaired adrenal function, underactive pancreatic function, chronic stress, allergies and intolerance.

Try a very low carb diet, with frequent smaller meals, avoiding alcohol,
caffeine, tobacco and stress.
For allergies and intolerance you may try Dr. Coca's Pulse test.
(free download)

Hope this helps.

Thanks.. I do eat healthy and small amounts overall on average. Also have had a number of  test for diabetes, etc.. and those came up good.

As for smoking I am on Wellbutrin to help with that, and the occasional spell of mild depression. Down to less than 5 a day and usually exclusively at work. Was a pakc and a half up till a year and a half ago.

Since the doctors have taken blood, Xray, EKG and such during one of these events, along with having a stress test a few months ago, although no one can rule out a Heart condition, its doesn't look probable.

Except for losing a few pounds (About 20-30), I am in good health according to my last physical (Which I took first part of this year) when I turned 45. BTW I am 6'2 and 235 and my BMI is not great, but not horrible according to my trainer. My cholesterol was elevated, but have been taking Zocor, and it has gone back to being in the good category, and my good HDL is up now as i have been taking Fish Oil.

Also should mention, I have not had at anytime found it hard to breath or found myself to be hyperventilating. My blood pressure is normal to good, never had a problem with high blood pressure. But do have ringing in my ears.. but to be honest have had that issue for about 2-3 decades, which I have chaulked up to listening to too much AC/DC and such way too loud for way too long in my 20s.

The key thing seems to be stress, and anxiety. Whats getting me is last night, I was working late on the last bit of the project that has been a big stresser. I felt fine and was actually in a good mood as I was finishing it up with time to spare. Then this crap hit me again.. like someone just sucked out all the oxygen in the air and turned up the heat in the room.. which has me confused, because it was stress related anxiety, then why hit then when I am in a good mood and not overly stressed.

I'm going to do a journal, and take it to my General MD tomorrow and see what he thinks. I hate feeling like a hypocondriac, and just want this to stop.
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