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High Serum Amylase
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High Serum Amylase

Conditions before medications since last 3 years.
a)Sharp pain in top right abdomen, generally extending to the back
b)comes strongly after meal...intensity lessens after about half an hour, but pain remains.
c)Feel sleepy all through the day.
d)very smelly wind after meals.

recent medical examinations done:
Ultra sonography detected hepatomegaly

High serum cholestrol
high HDL cholestrol
high LDL cholestrol
high VLDL cholestrol
very high serum amylase 153units/l
high blood pressure.
medications prescribed for six weeks.
1. Telmisartan 40 mg + hydrochlorothiszide 12.5mg
2. pantoprazole Sodium & itopride hydrochloride sustained release
3. Ursodiol 300 mg
4. Pancreatin 170 mg + activated dimethicone 80mg.
diet advise:
bland soft / zero oil.
Doctor have asked me to eat less and more frequently. Also, ased me quit working out and swimming.

conditions after medications:
1. sharp pain subsided but the pain is more constant now.
2. body weight fall of 3 kg in one week.
3. The smelly wind passing have subsided.

Just want to know, am I missing any possibilites? Since the pain is not subsiding, I fear what have happened to me? Can this be a case of carcinoma? what medical examinations do I need to undertake to ascertain the actual cause of this pain?
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Avatar n tn
Can anybody help me in this urgently? My pain is not subsiding even after 10 days of medications....
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