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Hopeless - been passed around from doctor to doctor
Symptoms started in 2008 after taking a course of a very high dose of augmentin and ciprofloxacin. Also notable that year I came back from a trip to Argentina. Never had problems before this, ever.

Excessive beyond belief gas. Constant passing gas.

Most bothersome symptoms: 1.gas pressure in throat, 2.burping up acid (especially when laying down) - helped significantly with zantac 150 twice a day. 3. unable to eat normal food otherwise gas and reflux significantly increases
least bothersome symptoms: 1. gas pressure abdomen, 2. chest tightness 3. chest pain 4. throat tightness

Tests: 6-18-2008 - endoscopy Result Normal
          2-19-2009 - endoscopy Result Normal
          12-17-2012 - endoscopy Result Normal
          6-06-2011 - ultrasound Abdomen, Result Normal
Tried Multiple PPI's and H2 Blockers. Tried Antacids. Nothing completely stops the gas, the acid I would say is reduced 80-90% at times. But it feels like I'm burping up acidic gas even when the acid isn't coming up.
Tried diet changes - for 1 year have only eaten grilled chicken, fish, rice, steamed vegetables, water. No soda, junk food, fried food, or fatty foods.
Tried antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs in 2008 after Doctor said it may be psychological - which I don't believe. Drugs didn't help at all. I'm stressed out and upset from these symptoms not from anything else in my life.

Can you help me at all from what tests I should make the doctors order to what this could be?
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