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I Emit Putrid Smels, Please help!
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I Emit Putrid Smels, Please help!


I have prolonged excessive flatulence associated with putrid smells, bloated stomach, fermentation-like feelings inside my stomach and always constipation  This has been going on now for the past 12 years.

I am 39, male  I release gas all the time, I really don't smell it myself but I swear everyone around me hold their noses or just act “funny” when I’m around. So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells.

My symptoms are;

I release more gas when I’m seated or not.
I release sewage-like foul smelling gas whether I eat AND especially when I fast or starve.
I’m always bloated and constipated
I’m also having a mild pain on the lower right side of my abdomen

Tests done over the past years include;
Countless blood tests  -five on average in a year                          
Ultra sound scans (twice) -of liver, kidneys, gallbladder and appendicitis
Barium enema
Hydro therapy -cleansing of the colon
I went to a Homeopath doctor, a Dermatologist, ear and nose specialist, and my general GP’s.
The GP’s play it down to IBS (all three or four of them)

Apart from recent tests  for H-pylori (in 2010) that came back positive for which I received an intensive five day bacterial treatment. I went through the same process in 2002.

Social Life
I do not have a social life any more because of this. I totally avoid going out and only go when it is absolutely a necessity.

I am depressed all the time because of this. I have been on a pre and probiotic supplement for as long as I can remember. (Actually since 2002!)

PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME with any advice. Iam dying here!

Thank you
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  You should see your GI doctor about possibility getting a hydrogen breath test for small intestinal bacteria overgrowth.  This can cause the symptoms you are describing.  Good luck.
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I do not know how you get out of bed each day!

I have two ideas you can think about and wonder whether anyone helping you mentioned these ideas. Our small intestines move digested food through our digestive tract like a "car wash." This movement is our muscle contraction process, and it can misfire and send the digested food too far too fast and when the digested food enters the colon to be expelled, the anal sphincters and rectum close shut so the bowels cannot move. One lady reported that her bowel movement locked up and half of the bowels were hanging outside her rectum because of the closure. She reported the odor was unbelieveable. I do not know whether the digestive tract allows so much time for the bowels to make it to the rectum for emptying. Maybe the muscle contractions could be slowed or speeded up with medication. In pregnancy, can't doctors use medications or injections to speed-up a delivery via muscle contractions?

The following suggestion is not a sales pitch.  Seven months ago, I found the most correct probiotic that I have ever used. In 5 to 6 days, my bowels became "programmed," and I now have one to two bowel movements a day. Our stomach acid kills the biological cultures in yogurt so only a few cultures get by. There is a product that has two government patents on a delivery process  to digest food in your intestines without be killed in the stomach.It took me five or six days of taking one capsule a day to change the way my bowels are processed for  removal out of my body. One product sets you up to change the ways your body processes digested food. There is a second product that contains 12 digestive enzymes, not 3 or 4 that are in yogurt, to keep your bowels in good shape for removal. If interested, go to and read the advertisements. The second product is the digestive enzymes nameed Enzalase. Search for it on the same webpage.

I hope you find relief for your pain.

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I am forever greatful to harrald and patient915 for their comments. Both your suggestions are appreciated and yes I will ask my gp for a hydrogen breath test soon. I am currently waiting for results for a thyroid test I did yesterday. I also got an injection for chronic fatigue syndrome as I can't stay awake past 7 or 8 pm! Yes harrald, getting out of bed is just as bad....

Also, I tried the threelac (for candida treatment in 2008) but will definetly try the theralac. Never really heard of theralac but I think it's worth a try. I've been on fibrelle for the last couple of months without any positive effect.

Thanks again and I have complete faith my symptons will clear up soon.
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