I can't eat !! My stomach hurts, I'm nauseous what can it be?
by esr0215, Nov 14, 2010
Is been like a week, I stopped eating normally, I think it started emotional, since i fell in love and i stopped eating because I felt a little bit of nausea, but then it went out of control, now my stomach hurts, i can listen to my stomach growl, I feel nauseous every time I'm going to eat,well I barely eat something, i haven't throw up, and I didn't had any diarrhea. What could it be? what can i do? my mom is giving me Maalox, Zantac, and I'm eating soup, yogurt. but nothing hard :s help me!! I'm afraid that my stomach could close or something because I'm not eating right or that i can have any other complication. BTW i don't have any other type of problems like diabetes, heart or stomach problems(well until now) and I haven't went to the doctor
I don't want to be like this anymore.
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by GoldFishy222, Nov 14, 2010
Your stomach might just be upset because you suddenly stopped eating normal when you felt just a little nausea (are you nervouse or stressed out about your new love sitchuation?).  Some times when people get really hungry they can start to feel nauseous, which may seem silly because it seems like it defeats the purpus, because then you feel to sick to eat.  And with lack of food your stomach can hurt, your stomach can also hurt when you have gone too long with out eating and then you eat.  I say it's kindda like your stomach being in "shock" from the food being in it.    

If I were you I would keep trying to eat soft foods every few hours then slowly add in normal food here and there after a day or two.  I think your stomach is just a little out of whack right now and you should try and get it on a regular eating schedule and then I think you'll start to feel better.  Since you can eat and I'm guessing you can still drink stuff (?) your not in any danger.

Don't worry your stomach isn't going to close up on you.  I've been nauseous for a little over 2 years now (I have other symptoms along with it too) and sometime I'll have to go months were I can only eat crackers, ginger ale, and instant mashed potato's.   But if you do go a few days with out eating or drinking anything you should get into your doctor or the ER because you'll get dehydrated and need fluids.  If you still feel nauseous in like 5-7 days and you have tried eating more regular, it probably won't hurt to make a trip to your doctor just to make sure everything is running right.

Also if the Maalox or Zantac (do you have heart burn?) don't seem to do be working you can try taking Benadryl.  The active ingrediant in Benadryl is Diphenhydramine, and for some reason that can really settle an upset stomach.  It can make you kindda sleepy though.

Good luck and I hope you fee better soon.  There are also a bunch of home remadies you can use to help calm your stomach.  Let me know if you want them and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.  

by kjhgfd, Nov 14, 2010
Have you tried taking Omeprazole ( Prilosec ) my gasto doctor swears by it.
I would also try to eat lightly stay a way from heavy greasy foods See how that goes.
Feel better soon
by esr0215, Nov 15, 2010
Thanks so much!! for your time. :) I still feel kind of sick, but I'm eating
by GoldFishy222, Nov 15, 2010
Good job!  Your gonna be a-ok =)
by CarmelitaA, Nov 18, 2013
My stomach hurts and my chest hurts when I swallow anything and everything I have not changed my diet what is the matter with me.