Is 118 ALT high ?
by rajhardley, Jul 29, 2008
My name is Raju , I work aboard a cruise ship , I had my medicals done recently, which is mandatory before joining the cruise. I was worried  about the elevated ALT  which is 118 IU/L , the referance rage is from 30-65 IU/L and my AST is 43 IU/L , referance range is from 15-37 IU/L . I have stopped taking all kinds of alcoholic drinks & non-veg food . I would want to know if this AST & ALT levels are bad & if so , how could I control it ? Thank You .
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by Lalasoto, Jul 29, 2008
I have that same question I'm going to ask my doc @UC Davis medical center tomorrow. My AST & ALT were elevated as well. Not nearly as high as yours but still high. I was told to ask about the chance for liver disease because of these elevated levels.
The symptoms are
Low energy, itching, fatigue, feeling of fullness in upper abdomen.
They can test this by blood  test, ultrasound, x ray or liver biopsy.
Hope that helps some.
God Bless
by rajhardley, Jul 29, 2008
Thank you , also wishing you the very best.
by Twilight_Princess, Jul 29, 2008
Are you on any medications that can cause the enzymes to elevate? Most of the time Tylenol can do this too.
by Myown, Jul 29, 2008
To play it safe get a hepatitus panel. Test for hep A, Hep B and Hep C.

Elevated enzymes can be from meds as Twilight Princess said, but I would definitely insist on the doctor testing you for Hepatitus. There is a Hepatitus C Epidemic that most people are not aware of. It is no longer just IV drug users who have this disease and those of us that have it, such as myself are trying to bring awareness to this, so that EVERYONE gets tested - even if your enzymes are only slightly raised as mine were when I insisted on the test after googling and learning that elevated enzymes could possibly be caused by exposure to hep virus.

Good luck,