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Ive had an endoscopy, and colonostophy, nothing found but in alot of pa...
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Ive had an endoscopy, and colonostophy, nothing found but in alot of pain

I went to a GI doctor, he was a rude one, but he did those two procedures and claimed he found nothing (about 2 months ago). But ive been going through a problem for about 5 years and its making me EXTREMLY miserable! I have extreme bloating every single day, my stomach fills up with gas and seriously feels like its going to burst. Like I want to take a sharp pen and pop my belly and get the pressure out!. He told me to buy prilosec, it was alot of money, i used it every morning for 3 weeks, it didnt help at all.  This problem ruined my wedding and trips because my belly is pressing on my diapram, (the previous doctor i seen told me) and I couldnt breath at times. It doesnt matter if i eat 1 strawberry, or a huge plate of food, my stomach feels the same, in pain and uncomfortable. Its making me not even want to eat. But anytime i DO eat, im never satisfied, and thats a serious problem, because i used to ALWAYS be satisfied after any meal, now it feels im never full.
I 1st noticed my problem when i was only going #2 once a week, and got an xray years back, the ER docter had said my intestines were full of waste. One doctor says that a part of my colon cld be dead and maybe need to be removed. But The GI would have noticed that during the colonostophy right?
I still only go #2 once every 6-7 days, ive resulted in taking laxitive pills if it gets over 5 days and not going. I do drink plenty of water each day, changed my diet with ALOT more fiber in the past year, and completely stopped drinking soda. It hurts so bad, i cant handle this much longer.
Please help me this stomach issue is making me hate my life and I cant afford a doctor right now. I dont care if they cut me open, or have surgery, i just want this issue resolved!
thanks for any feedback.
( I also paid for a complete blood test, that checks everything to see if i was hypoglycemic/diabetic or anything, and came back normal)
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Prilosec if for GERD (acid reflux) which you don't have.  It sounds like what you have is IBS and there are medications for this.  You need to get on a stool softener like Miralax which isn't habit forming, and eat yogurt enriched with probiotics. Make sure you're not over-doing it with the fiber, this can cause constipation as well. If part of your colon was dead you would not be able to have a bowel movement and gangrene would have set in.  These doctors sound like medical students who graduated at the bottom of their class and are still called doctors!  You really need to fing a good Gastroenterologist and go from there.  There are other conditions that make the colon slow and they can check for these. Google "top Gastroenterologists" in your city and pick one.  You need to resolve this so you can feel better, it's really interfering with your life.  It took a fourth GI doctor to properly diagnose my son, so other opinions can make a big difference.  I'm sorry these quacks have failed you...been there...done that!  Fid a good GI and go to him.  Best wishes.
Because of the length of time between bowel movements, it sounds like what seems to be called a 'motility disorder' or IBS. I  would imagine if part of your colon was 'dead' the flesh would be necrotizing and you would be getting a fever due to a brutal infection.

There are treatments for that -

You could try probiotics, but this sounds like something that needs an expert hand. You need to find a physician to help you.
I forgot to mention, ive taken miralax, (made it much worse), and metamucil, and citricel, and colace, and probiotic pills over the past couple years, taking them each day, with plenty of water, they have not helped, Ive told the doctors that too.. Not going #2 im getting used to, but i cant handle the gas build up in my belly because of it not going anywhere..I find it very difficult to even pass gas,
I wont be able to afford a doctor for a very long time, so i figured at least someone would have advice on here. Thanks for answering me though . Any advice helps.
Have you tried any of the over the counter gas remedies like Beano (an enzyme-based dietary supplement that is used to reduce gas in the digestive tract, thereby improving digestion and reducing bloating, discomfort, and flatulence caused by gas) and others to try to relieve that pain? I've read that activated charcoal can help ease abdominal pains due to gas as well.

I'm sure you've read tons about constipation at this point, but I'll list the obvious cures again from the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse-


A diet with enough fiber (20 to 35 grams each day) helps the body form soft, bulky stool. A doctor or dietitian can help plan an appropriate diet. High-fiber foods include beans, whole grains and bran cereals, fresh fruits, and vegetables such as asparagus, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and carrots. For people prone to constipation, limiting foods that have little or no fiber, such as ice cream, cheese, meat, and processed foods, is also important.

Lifestyle Changes

Other changes that may help treat and prevent constipation include drinking enough water and other liquids, such as fruit and vegetable juices and clear soups, so as not to become dehydrated, engaging in daily exercise, and reserving enough time to have a bowel movement. In addition, the urge to have a bowel movement should not be ignored.

Most people who are mildly constipated do not need laxatives. However, for those who have made diet and lifestyle changes and are still constipated, a doctor may recommend laxatives or enemas for a limited time. These treatments can help retrain a chronically sluggish bowel. For children, short-term treatment with laxatives, along with retraining to establish regular bowel habits, helps prevent constipation.

A doctor should determine when a patient needs a laxative and which form is best. Laxatives taken by mouth are available in liquid, tablet, gum powder, and granule forms. They work in various ways:

    Bulk-forming laxatives generally are considered the safest, but they can interfere with absorption of some medicines. These laxatives, also known as fiber supplements, are taken with water. They absorb water in the intestine and make the stool softer. Brand names include Metamucil, Fiberall, Citrucel, Konsyl, and Serutan. These agents must be taken with water or they can cause obstruction. Many people also report no relief after taking bulking agents and suffer from a worsening in bloating and abdominal pain.

    Stimulants cause rhythmic muscle contractions in the intestines. Brand names include Correctol, Dulcolax, Purge, and Senokot. Studies suggest that phenolphthalein, an ingredient in some stimulant laxatives, might increase a person's risk for cancer. The Food and Drug Administration has proposed a ban on all over-the-counter products containing phenolphthalein. Most laxative makers have replaced, or plan to replace, phenolphthalein with a safer ingredient.

    Osmotics cause fluids to flow in a special way through the colon, resulting in bowel distention. This class of drugs is useful for people with idiopathic constipation. Brand names include Cephulac, Sorbitol, and Miralax. People with diabetes should be monitored for electrolyte imbalances.

    Stool softeners moisten the stool and prevent dehydration. These laxatives are often recommended after childbirth or surgery. Brand names include Colace and Surfak. These products are suggested for people who should avoid straining in order to pass a bowel movement. The prolonged use of this class of drugs may result in an electrolyte imbalance.

    Lubricants grease the stool, enabling it to move through the intestine more easily. Mineral oil is the most common example. Brand names include Fleet and Zymenol. Lubricants typically stimulate a bowel movement within 8 hours.

    Saline laxatives act like a sponge to draw water into the colon for easier passage of stool. Brand names include Milk of Magnesia and Haley's M-O. Saline laxatives are used to treat acute constipation if there is no indication of bowel obstruction. Electrolyte imbalances have been reported with extended use, especially in small children and people with renal deficiency.

    Chloride channel activators increase intestinal fluid and motility to help stool pass, thereby reducing the symptoms of constipation. One such agent is Amitiza, which has been shown to be safely used for up to 6 to 12 months. Thereafter a doctor should assess the need for continued use.

People who are dependent on laxatives need to slowly stop using them. A doctor can assist in this process. For most people, stopping laxatives restores the colon's natural ability to contract."

Thanks for your advice.
Though nothing has changed since then, besides me completely cutting my daily calorie intake and watching what i eat even more than before, im at 700/calories a day because if i eat too much there is no room in my bowels or stomch for it anymore. I drink at least a gallon jug of water each day and cut soda completly out of my diet.
I take enemas twice a week now because im so desperate to get it out of me. Im unable to afford another doctor, because I am still paying monthly for my colonostaphy and endoscopy last year..about $3,100 left to go. But I wish there was a maricle cure for this right away because it will be a year or two before i can afford another so called GI doctor.
thanks again
Too bad you can't afford a colonic...or a series of them. If I were you I'd start taking a lot of magnesium citrate every day along with flax seed oil capsules. These will help your bowels move. Do a 5-7 day juice fast.
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