Knot on Left side Under Rib Cage -Painful
by m2k4e, Mar 20, 2008
Hello~ I am 34 fixing to be 35. I just read the  post below i copied. It has been closed.  I am SO HAPPY to have found somebody who has the same thing I am going through. I mean when I read the story I felt like I wrote it. Can you please tell me what you found out!
I went through EXTENSIVE tests in 2004 and they never found anything.  I had 2 gall bladder tests, a vaginal ultrasound, a total body scan, a CT scan, I had the dye run, I had a colonscopy, a endoscopy and they even sent me to a bone doctor. The last time I went to my dr, I was very upset and crying. I told him I was tired of going through all the test and they all coming back normal. I was not crazy and I knew it was something. You can feel the "knot" and its in the SAME place yours was/is.  Do you know he released me saying it was a severe pulled muscle. To rest, and take a anti-flam medicine for pain. It's been almost 4 years, and I have dealt with is best as possible. The pain is coming pain more stronger. I am having all the symtoms again. Loss of appetite, tired all the time, nausea but never vomiting and losing weight.  I just called the hospital and my past doctor to get copies of all my records.

Could I have crohns diesease?
by dre, Dec 22, 2002 12:00AM
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I have severe pain in the left side of my stomach. I have gotten to where I am scared to eat. I have such bad cramps that they wake me up in the middle of the night. I feel like my stomach is going to bust sometimes the cramping is so huge. While this is happening, my stomach is making loud gurgling noises on the left side. I have had a sigmoidoscopy and a barium enima, and stool studies that came back normal. The pain to use the restroom is almost intolerable-- I feel like I may die on the toilet. I am scared because the pain in my left side never goes away now. It feels like a knot under my lower left rib. The stomach spasms have gotten more regular and I am getting to where I dread eating. Do you have any advice? I am a 34 year old female. Could this be crohns disease?

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by steven23hankins, Jan 13, 2010
i am a male i am 20 years old and i have a knot on my lower left side ribb cage to its like a little marble... and i went to the doctor they other day and they said since i have had it for a year and it hasnt gotten any bigger i will b fine... but im not me kinda nervous and scared bout it i want it out of me it feels as if i was to push on it... it feels bruised.... just a lump though i go for a cat scan tomorrow..... if any one has found out wat it is or was can u tell me plz!!!?????
by earthangel63601, Apr 18, 2011
I have a knot on my left side of my rib cage coming out and sometimes it really hurts especially when I'm lying down on my back and it seems to be growing, my doc says she thinks it a fatty tumor or scar tissue from a previous hiatia hernia repair but when I show it to anybody else they say I DON'T want to scare you but I believe you truely need to get that looked at what do I do and does anybody have any idea what I could be dealing with, I'm tired of being in pain
by patient915Blank, Apr 20, 2011
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by wwessing, Jun 02, 2014
I also have a knot on my leftside the doctor told me it was from my spleen grow back and it was from the mast grow off of the spleen at it come back,and it also can make you chest hurt.