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I have to take 50 ML of Lactulose in AM and PM. It causes so much gas, Is there something that can help??
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If I may ask why do you take it?
if it is constipation, it won't help long term. And the following recipe does not cause the awful gas and bloating!
Try this:
My  mom has had constipation for over 50 yrs. She struggles daily. but now, not for two years!
I discovered what long term pain patients used to treat constipation for the drug use they have to endure.
Here's the recipe!
1 pound figs
1 pound prunes
1 pound raisins
4 oz senna tea or tea leaves
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice
Boil the tea with about 2 quarts water. Steep it for 15 minutes till dark and rich in color.
remove leaves or bags by straining.
Add dried fruit and other ingredients with just enough tea to cover the fruit by two inches.
Mild boil about 10-15 minutes until fruit becomes soft. More tea may be added . You want the tea about one inch over the fruit when done.
Cool a bit off the heat . Pour in blender. Whip into paste.
If you dehydrated it, you would have fruit roll ups!
It  tastes pretty good and can be put on toast etc.,... or eaten by the spoonful.
It will last in your freezer up to 9 months.
CAREFUL! a tablespoon is pretty strong! Start might get the trots.
If you use the dehydrated figs, remember to trim the stems off first!!!!
They have a nasty way of poking the mouth when in the fruit paste!
And of course, the prunes are seedless!
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