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Lazy Bowel

I believe I have lazy Bowle syndrome. Unless I drink a cup of Green tea with Senna root I cannopt have a bowel movement. I just started this week to read about this. I have been eating fruit eveyday and salad everyday. Alot of each. I am very gassy. How long should this take. I can feel things starting to move but no end results yet. It has been 4 days.

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Avatar n tn
you can have a test for lazy bowel to get diagnosed. It involves a small balloon (not a party balloon!) and it records the efficiency of your intestinal wall muscles. This is how i was diagnosed.
I recommend getting diagnosed before playing with your diet. I say this because i ate more fibre (insoluble-such as bran flakes, wholemeal and wholewheat foods) and was told when i was diagnosed with a lazy bowel that i should avoid all insoluble fibres and stick to soluble fibre.
Also, once diagnosed with lazy bowel, there is no point in worrying about how many laxatives you use because you will only be helping the situation.

One thing that will probably be most useful to know is, your body gets used to a certain type of laxative after about 6 weeks so you will need to change which ones you use when they stop having an affect. You can go back to your original laxatives later and they will work again.

I am not a doctor so getting diagnosed first is the most important thing otherwise you can make things worse. These are the things that i have been told by my specialist.
Avatar m tn
"I have been eating fruit eveyday and salad everyday. Alot of each. I am very gassy. "

Just from reading that I wonder how much water you drink per day. A lot of fiber requires a lot of water. Gas is a common symptom of not having enough water when ingesting a lot of fiber.

As for the green tea, is it decaf? I ask because caffeine is a laxative, so you may be feeling an effect from that, too.

As JoC84 said, getting diagnosed first is the most important thing, so go get that done.

Good luck.
Avatar f tn
Hi to Poopshin and JOC84

I just read your post and I am exactly in the situation that you are in.
I have been taking senna green tea at night and only then can i go to bathroom.
4 days ago i thought of stopping it completely and since then I have been constipated.
so what happened? were you able to get off it completely?? did you get the test done..i really need to hear from someone who has been in the same stiuation?
please write back ..

and to JOC84 ..i believe that you don;t need to keep taking laxatives even thought u have lazy bowel syndrome, you just need to readjust your bowel..i think...well thats what im hopin..correct me if im wrong...

thanks guys
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