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Light blood, mucus, irregular black stool
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Light blood, mucus, irregular black stool

this is certainly going to have TMI in it!

about a mont ag o i had a really bad pain in my gut, left of my belly button. i was also having irregular bloody mucus come out, with or without stool for about a week prior. the pain lasted for three days so i went to the urgent care center. they did a CT scan with and with contrast and the results were negative.

for about 6 weeks i have had irregular black stools. they are not a "tarry"consistency, but normal-ish. they tend to be smaller pieces, not a big long "log" shape. i also have very soft stool (that kinda plops into the toilet like mush but doesn't break apart like diarrhea. the hard stools alternate with the soft stuff, and occasionally there is diarrhea. for the past three weeks now, i am having the bloody issue again. it's not major or filling the toilet with blood, so i haven't gone back in to the doctor bc i hate wasting my time and i already had a CT scan come back negative. the blood was in the mucus and would spot dilute blood on the tissues after i wipe. it's not solid bright red blood like it was coming directly from the anus from excessive wiping (which i have had before so i know what that is like). on Thursday, there was a larger amount of blood on the tissue so i looked in the toilet. the stool had a "ribbon" of blood (not bright red, sorta dark-ish) within the stool. the next three times i used the toilet that day i had mucus with blood clots come out on the tissue. on Friday i had a stool, and the first part was darkly colored (black) and semi-hard, with a band of bloody mucus wrapped around part of it. the later part of the stool was soft and green and formed a "mush" with no definite shape but not breaking apart like diarrhea.

since Friday there hasn't been much in the way of blood. the stools have been black, then some were green-ish and one was brown. it's all very irregular. some come out really well, other seem to take more of an effort. i find it very confusing to not have a pattern of sorts. i used to be fairly regular in the past so i am having a hard time understanding this weirdness.

this morning, i had a stool. not much came out, a few small little "pebbles" that were black in color. i had put gloves on before i used the toilet and (this is terribly gross but i wanted to make sure there wasn't more blood in these guys since i can't decide if i want to go to the doctor or not!) and caught two of the pebbles with tissue. they were black in color. i pressed them flat to see if they were hard, and they weren't that hard at all (although i had to strain to remove them from my system). the odd thing i noticed is that they had a black lining "shell" on the outside, and on the inside they were green-ish. there wasn't any obvious blood noticed. there was mucus though. mucus was obvious on the "pebbles" that were in the toilet as well.

my question is this: does only having the dark coating on the outside of the stool point to blood in the GI tract, or constipation? i read that green poo means it is passing through your system quickly, but how can one be constipated (hard black stool) and still have green stool? i am confused. i hate to waste my tie going to the doc. if there is a harmless explanation such as IBS, IBD, constipation, etc. then i am not going to the doc until i have further problems that are more serious.

my diet: is fairly bland and regular. i haven't had a very exquisite appetite for over a month, and eat very bland foods. i eat a lot of Corn Chex, fat free milk, Kashi granola bars, PB&J sandwiches, and other mild things like that. i don't have appetite for a bowl of veggies like i used to. i don't want spaghetti or anything with a lot of flavor. i drink a lot of water and orange juice too to keep hydrated. i also have about a cup of coffee per day. i take vitamins, but on an irregular basis. i forget to take them half the time! oops. i know this is bad.

anyhow... i hope someone can give some advice on the stool with the black on the outside and the gree on the inside. is this typicall blood in the GI tract, or constipation or something else?

thanks all,
pooper scooper
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