Mucus in "poop" and constantly bloated!
by SouthernChick334, Jan 08, 2008
So, it's like this. I'm a 16 year old female. For some time now, I become very bloated but its released when i pass gas. It happens over and over during the day and seems to stop at night. I also have a mucus like substance in my "poop" and sometimes when I go to the bathroom thinking that I have to "poop" i end up just passing lots of gas and again some mucus like substance comes out. This has been going on for a couple of months now. Can someone feel me in please? Is this very bad?
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by Thypatient, Jan 08, 2008
Has this been everyday?

I know that the cervical mucus that occurs during ovulation can be pushed out during a bowel movement and appear to be part of it.  That would be about the 12th day of your cycle or about 7 days after the last day of your period.

If it's happening everyday, it could be something else.

Also, I know eating things that don't agree with you can also do this.  With the addition of the bloating and gas issue.  Artificial sweetners are big culprits.

Keep searching for information but if you are still uncertain, please have a dr give you the final say.

Good luck.
by boron, Jan 09, 2008
Mucus could be from intestinal inflammation and gas from non-absorbed nutrients (again from inflammation) which bacteria take, break down and produce gas.

In the case of intestinal infection, you'd also had diarrhea.

Colonoscopy can confirm/exclude inflammation. I'm talking about IBD - inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis).
by Tishak, Sep 04, 2008
I'm having the same problems! Only, add nausea before bowel movements, diarrhea and constipation in the same movement, at least 3 movements a day, sharp pains around my lower abdomen, and blood in stool and VISIBLE blood in mucus (pink or red, depending on if mucus is clear or yellow).

Oh yeah, and I have cysts all over my ovaries, not to mention and endometrial stripe, to which I had to bully doctors into figuring out if I have endometriosis or not. They said I probably did, and resorted to CONTINUE to put me on the same birth control I have been on since I was 16 years old. I am now 22.

HELP SOMEBODY! I've been killing myself trying to get through life for over the past year, and it hasn't been easy being a student. I need a solution, if you have it, you'd be my hero.
by boron, Sep 04, 2008
Do you have hemorrhoids?

Explain your symptoms exactly, also which test were done so far.
by staci28, Sep 04, 2008
hun im with u..i have had these symtoms for  few yrs..but they never found anything..well i have pain near my ovary area well that came back normal... im still so scared i have a CT scan freaking out.......i had a cyst rupture 2 months ago as well... my dr said to me last night the my white n red cells where a lil off.....omg im freaking now! the i dont have nausea...but i get constipated alot..i also get hemmoriods... if u wanan chat more let meknow
by Laurita5, Aug 03, 2009
Well, it looks like this is very common.

I've been bleeding through my rectal for quite a while now, I just thought it was cause of constipation. But recently, I haven't been pooping normally. My body is telling me i need to poop, then a pink/red type mucus comes out, and NO poop; and at times i get some diarhea mixed in there...I also feel my anal bloated with a tiny piece of skin sticking out.

I don't have a doctor, but Im just wondering what kind of tests should i need to have this taken care of? There is clinic which i go to, for my Coloposcopy test.

by mzkhrys, Aug 05, 2009
i have been sick for lil over a month...abdominal sharp pains come and go every now and then...side pain back pains...nausea...mucus in my poo..sometimes its just mucus..i had a few black stools..i have had my blood done and urine tests all came back normal..also i had blood test to check for the H plylori bacteria in my stomach cause my doc thinks i either have a ulcer or thers something wrong with my pancreas??? im scared as **** i hop its not my pancreas!...beofre i got sick i drank every weekend, smoked and did coke occasionally....since i got sick i have done nuthing! i tried to have a beer when i thought i was feeling better....worse dision ever! i had 1/2 a beer and got sooo sick 1 hr later!!!! anyways my doc ordered a ultra sound....and then a endoscopy after that....i dunno im freeked im only 25 ys old female and mom of 1 boy....i hope im ok and i hope you all are getting better also......anyone wanna chat email me......
by sd588, Aug 06, 2009
   It sounds like hemmorhoids. You need to soften your stool before you have rectal bleeding by taking over the counter colace (stool softeners ) or you need much more exercise and also, eat a salad for at least one meal a day. Once you have rectal bleeding it takes too long to heal. So, take care of it before you get more problems. Your poop is too hard so the body produces mucus to help it ease through the intestine. Research about hemmorhoids on the internet. If you don't take care of it, it may become a disease like colitis and others! I hope this helps.
by sd588, Aug 06, 2009
   You need to see a doctor because you need to be tested for your difficulties. It sounds like an emergency and it is more serious. Please see a doctor before it's too late! I hope you feel better soon.