Nausea in morning, not pregnant
by petratora, Oct 20, 2010
For well over a year now (probably closer to two years) I have been experiencing mild nausea to actually feeling as though I will throw up at any moment in the mornings.  About 75% of the time I feel better after I eat (still not great, but no longer nauseous).  23% of the time, I feel sick even after I eat.  And then 2% of the time I can't even eat anything for breakfast I feel so sick.  I can almost always drink orange juice, which almost always makes me feel better.  I can only eat sweet stuff in the mornings; savory stuff, even just the smell of it, can make me feel sicker.  The weird thing is that I usually only feel this bad when I don't naturally wake up.  There have been very few times that I've woken up naturally and felt sick (although not very often).  It doesn't necessarily have to do with getting up earlier, as I usually wake up around 9am.  However, if an alarm wakes me up around that time I almost always feel sick.  I don't throw up; I just feel as though I will.  An hour or two later, I usually feel fine; if I haven't eat breakfast, I feel fine as long as I eat once I get hungry. If I wait too long to eat, even if I don't feel sick beforehand, I tend to start feeling shaky, although this is definitely more likely to happen if I haven't eaten because of nausea and can't eat once I start feeling okay again.  Also, when I get nauseous, even if it's not in the morning, I get worse if I'm warm; I have to be cool to even start to feel better.  The weird thing is that I recognize that if I weren't sick I would feel very cold (my hands are like ice cubes) and I can even acknowledge that the air is cold against my skin but it makes me feel much better.

I also had one scary episode a month or so back, where I woke up in the mornings feeling sick again.  I read for a little while and then got up and continued on with my routine.  As I was brushing my teeth I suddenly started to feel very dizzy as well as nauseous.  My first thought was to get a sierra mist (the drink that usually makes me feel at least a little better when I'm sick) but I was so dizzy that I barely remember stumbling down the hall to the fridge where I basically collapsed, although in a controlled way so I didn't end up hurting myself.  I ended up lying on the floor with the room spinning around me, my robe open so I could be as cool as I could be which.  Eventually I felt better and managed to get up and walk back to my bedroom.  I have not before, or since, felt that dizzy.

My doctor thinks it may be acid reflux, but that doesn't explain why not waking up naturally would make me sicker.  Not to mention that the medicine that she gave me, Omeprazole, is, I'm pretty sure, making me sicker.  About three days after I started taking it I got even sicker feeling in the mornings that I ended up curled on the bathroom floor, although no actual vomiting occurred.  I felt better as the day wore on but never good, and I would get noticeably sicker if I tried to do anything physical (such as walking somewhere at more than a leisurely stroll).  I also experienced the very strange sensation of being hungry while having no appetite.  I stopped taking it two days ago, so we'll see what happens.

I know by searching a lot of sites that I'm not the only one feeling this way.  Has anyone had any success in feeling better?  If so, how?
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by GoldFishy222, Oct 20, 2010
I've experianced something similar... but it only used to happen if I wake up too early.  Now I'm nasouse all the time as well as having diarrhea often.  I haven't found any help yet from my doctors, still searching for answers since its basicaly destroyed my life... Anyway, what I'm wondering about with you is if you have been tested for diabetes?  Maybe you have really low blood suger when you wake up (not that that would explain anything about you not waking up on your own) but it would explain why you start to feel better after you eat and why you like sweet stuff.  I'm not sure, just a thought.  Good luck!
by petratora, Oct 21, 2010
I'm assuming that if I had diabetes they would have found it in the three blood tests that they've run in the past two weeks. It's a good thought, though, and it's almost gotten to the point where I wouldn't care what I had, as long as I could at least put a name to it and have a chance at, if not curing it, making it better.  I have been tested for being hypoglycemic before, but it always comes back negative.  No thanks to my soon-to-be ex-doctor but thanks to internet research that I did myself, it may be caused by something going wrong with the gallbladder.  So, hopefully tomorrow I'm going in to get an ultrasound done and we'll go from there.
by GoldFishy222, Oct 21, 2010
Your probably right.  I would ask the doc's just to make sure that that's something they did check out.  I know what you mean about not caring what you have as long as its something.  I've been so, so sick for the past 2 years without any answers.  Most of the anxiety and depression I have stems from the not know whats wrong with me.  And like you said, if it had a name that means there is a plan of attack to help make it better, and it also means your not alone in what you have.  I hope they find something in your ultrasound tomorrow (if your anything like me you would be thrilled for them to find anything wrong instead of nothing.  Good luck.  
by Bibber113, Mar 10, 2014
I have been dealing with those same exact feelings I have had blood drawn, ultrasound, hida scan, upper gi biopsy, And all came back clean, which is good but at the same time, it ***** because I still have no answers. Next step, I'm having a CT scan of my brain to make sure nothing in there is making my stomach upset. I haven't found any success story's just more of the same stories like mine... Nauseous in the morning mostly, barely eating anything to the point of shakyness, NO Im not pregnant and if one more person asks me!...  No fever sometimes so nauseous to the point of vomiting.  
by petratora, Mar 21, 2014
Hello! Original poster hear. It's four years later and I'm suddenly posting which is insane, I know, but I realize that I never posted here when I figured out what was wrong with me; thank you, Bibber113 for reminding me.

I had (have?) gastroparesis. Basically what this means is that, for some unknown reason, my stomach muscles are partially paralyzed and I digest food at half the rate that normal people do. This, from what I understand, causes the food to actually begin to go bad in my stomach and/or for my stomach to get so used to not being empty that I have severe nausea when it is (never been 100% sure which). This is the reason that my idiot doctor giving me acid reflux medication was the absolute last thing that she should have done, as it slowed my digestion down ever more. The way that this was discovered, for those of you who might want to be tested for it, was by me eating a radioative egg sandwich (yes, really, I'm not kidding) and then they took scans of some sort (I can't remember what type) over two hours to see how fast my stomach digested the food. This is how they discovered that it takes me almost double the amount of time to digest food (so, if it would normally take someone an hour to digest a sandwich, it would have taken me two). This was actually shockingly easy to fix, although it did mean having to be careful for a while: I had to take metoclopramide a half hour before every meal for a while (it's been so long I can't remember how long I took it; at least six months I think). After that, I began to slowly take myself off it and now have barely, if any, nausea in the mornings. If you want more in-depth information, I would suggest googling it.

I really hope that this helps someone else. Either way, I hope that you eventually figure out what is wrong and hope that you get better.
by petratora, Mar 21, 2014
Hello, Bibber, original poster here.

First off, I wrote a long reply in a separate comment that you might be interested. Basically, I was diagnosed and treated for gastroparesis which, over time, all but cleared up my problems. If you want to read more about that, please check out the bottom post.

Secondly, I sincerely hope that you don't take this the wrong way, but in the future it would behoove you to check and see when the original post was made and when the last person commented. Most people, four years down the line, are not going to reply to this and so any chance of you getting help will be slim to none. I know that this is ironic considering that here I am, four years later, replying, but it's just something to keep in my mind. I'd like you to hopefully get some help and the best way to do that is to try to find a question with active people who might be able to help you. Of course, it's not bad to go through the old posts that might give you an idea, but it's usually not worth it to comment.

That being said, I want to actually say thank you for commenting. I had completely forgotten about this post (and, hell, even about this website) and am glad to have it brought to my attention because I should have posted what helped me years ago, on the off chance that it might help someone else.

No matter what, I hope that you figure out what's wrong and can get it effectively treated. Good luck and may your light shine bright.