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Not sure what I'm experiencing but nothing works :(
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Not sure what I'm experiencing but nothing works :(

Hello peeps. I'm afraid I'm totally lost right now; everybody I see tells me I have generalised anxiety disorder, but I've tried CBT, Hypnotherapy, relaxation remedies and even Crystal Healing, but nothing works. I'm convinced something is physically wrong with me, but I just don't know what it could be. I'm having an endoscopy in 3 weeks, but the doctors I've seen claim it will be clear, so I'm worried I'll contract a throat cancer since cancer tends to run in the family.

This is what I've been experiencing for the last 5 months:

- A tight chest like something is sucking my body inside.
- A tight throat, and a feeling my neck needs to click back in place. It can make it feel difficult to swallow my own spit.
- Wake up with a sore throat daily, but it goes away with any food or drink.
- Excessive mucus; there's an usual taste in my mouth which I assume is from the post nasal drip. Sometimes I need to cough it out but my throat isn't hoarse.
- Occasional ear, arm and chest pain.
- Frequent Migraines which are no longer relieved by my usual medicine.
- Feeling of liquid in the throat and "vurping." Nothing that really burns, it just feels like I'm bringing some liquid up when I belch.
- Weakness and fatigue, especially in the head and legs.
- Palpitations and a feeling of not getting enough air. Tends to happen more at night or when sitting down.

Gaviscon Advance temporarily relieves these symptoms but not entirely. Omeprazole and lifestyle changes do nothing. Lansoprazole sometimes made me worse. It doesn't sound exactly like LPR because I don't have a hoarse voice and sometimes the mucus stops, but it can't be GERD because I'm not sure if I really have heartburn. It can't be anxiety either because these symptoms occur most after eating and when I'm trying to enjoy myself. What else could I possibly be suffering from?

Sorry to sound like I'm in a panic; I'm fretting over my symptoms every day and I'm getting worse all the while with no support from my doctors or family.
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Um.. It does sound like a form of anxiety. Now that you experience all these things after eating you may think whenever you ER your gonna feel the same which makes you feel all the symptoms you are. The only symptom not related is the sore throat, but that happens to many people by sleeping with your mouth open(dont worry about that). By telling yourself its physical and not in our head it may be causing you unnecessary health issues. I was the same, you sound like you might even have a small case of hypochondria, which is where you believe something is wrong with you most  of the time but doctors can't seem to find anything. I would seek counseling for a while and if that dosent work THEN something is wrong.:)
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Definitely sounds like there are some anxiety issues going on, been there/done that.  I have Alprazolam (Xanax) that I take a low dose of daily or as needed, for almost 5 years!  You might ask your doctor about that or Prozac or something.
Try running a humidifier in your room at night, will probably help the throat issues.
A few years ago, ENT doc had me do a 24-hr PH test which showed mild GERD and was given Nexium, which I had problems with.  I now have Omeorazole but it does not help my stomach, nausea or bloating issues.
Glad you are having the endoscopy.  Isn't it great you have to wait weeks for tests?! I am sure if your doctor suspected cancer, he would expedite the testing, one would hope.
Try to get yourself on a schedule with daily routines, meds, etc.  when you feel anxious, try to do something or take a walk.  You might check into acupuncture, if there is a good one in your area.  I was skeptical but it was actually an ENT doc that suggested it for my dry mouth and throat issues which they are actually trying on chemo patients now.  Can't say it helped me but sure has for other things.  Some insurances will actually cover it.
Good luck.  
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