Oily stool
by lola068, Jan 22, 2009
Hi, I'm a 41 year old and have had oily stool for a while.  I never thought much about it and finally asked my physician and she mentioned something about the absorption of fat and to make my appt w/the specialist.
My question is, if I've had oily stool for months or close to a year, have I put my health in jeopardy?  I'm a nervouse wreck, thinking the worst.  I have an appt next week, but can't stand not knowing anything till next week.  Also, should I go w/a stool sample?
Thank you  
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by chritters, Jan 22, 2009
You didnt mention did you have your Gall Bladder Removed?
I had mine removed in 2007 and Im 43 I also have this Oily Stool Problem but I have it coming out of me anytime of the day Im out walking my behind gets really itchy then I feel like I crapped myself, I get home and Have to keep wiping myself and its like a yellow Oil substance, Do you have that as well??
Can you let me know what the specalist suggests to you and what kind of specalist is he??
by lola068, Jan 23, 2009
No, I never had my Gall Bladder removed.  I'm going to the doctor on Tues to Gastro doctor.  Are you on any medications?  No, I don't have the oily substance yet.  Just my stool is oily and I go sometimes 2 in the morning or after having coffee.  I'm praying its nothing serious.  I'm nervous.
What are you supposed to do about your situation?  YOu would think after the Gall Bladder being removed, you wouldn't have that problem.  Is it still normal??
by coughting, Jan 23, 2009
You could have the starting of IBS.  But don't worry until you see the dr.  :Your dr was very good having you go to gastro dr.   I have chrons and have a lot of diarrhea and sometime oily.  
But it could be anything.  Let the dr. do his tests and see what might show up.  Do any of your relatives have chrons or UC?
by CalGal, Jan 23, 2009
Lola, there can be a couple of different conditions that can cause an oily stool such as celiac disease or in some cases pancreatic issues or gallbladder issues. The only way to really know what's going on it to first verify that it's oil, and then, based on what you tell the doc, to track down the cause. I don't believe you've put your health in any danger and you are taking steps to correct the situation now, so focus on that.
by tigerlila, Jul 15, 2009
I have oily stool too for about 2weeks now since I started taking L carnitine with green tea extract supplements ( 500 mg, 2 caps, daily)..Does this supplement has something to do with my greasy stool?

Any answer would be highly appreciated.THanks