Pain in my Anus and Lower Abdominal area
by vivi_anne, Jan 21, 2012
I have pain in my anus and lower abdominal area. Right below my belly button.
When I cough I have huge sharp pain. Also,when I poop
I get the pain and I literally have to get off the toilet and bend over and wince in pain. I don't wanna tell anyone cause I'm scared. I was hoping to get some help on here. Btw,I am a 13 year old girl.
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by ggreg, Jan 22, 2012
Well, we'll go from worst-case to likely case.  If this is something that just recently came over you, there is a chance you have an appendicitis, which is common in young people, in which case you should tell your folks so you can be seen by the family doc.  Pain from an appendix problem will often start in a different place than where it is, which it's located in the lower right side of your abdomen.  

What is more likely, tho, is you may have constipation, where you get stopped up periodically, particularly since you experience pain when you go.  This can cause lots of gas to build up in the guts, which can hurt something fierce, and it will also make the anus hurt, too, from abrasion.  Or could be you get gassy from eating lots of fruits, for example.  Many types of foods cause gas.  Or sometimes if a person skips a meal and then eats a big meal, they'll get gas.  An ordinary Alka Seltzer Original dissolved in a half glass of water will dispell gas when you have it.  I'll tell you how to avoid constipation in a second.

But first, as for your pain at the very end of the digestive tract, where you whince when you go, that is another sign of getting constipated from time to time.  What happens is, if a person has to strain to get waste out, it can cause the soft vascular tissues down there to swell, and when you pass waste, it irritates those swollen areas, and it can hurt like mad, it can itch, just general irritation.  If this is the case, which I think it is, then if you will drink more water, get into an exercise habit a few times a week, and daily eat some fiber type foods, like oat cereal and whole wheat bread, vegies, then that will correct your tendency to get constipated.  Or if you recently had to take some antibiotics for some reason, this will cause constipation sometimes, and so if you'll eat some Activia yogurt for a couple weeks from the grocery store, that'll restore your intestinal flora to what it was like before you took any antibiotics.

In the meantime, if you've indeed been constipated, to help ease that pain you have at the end of the digestive tract, after you bathe you can put some lotion on there to help ease the passage of waste, until you can get your digestive habits back in order.  I hope this helps.  By the way, your complaints are common, and the pain you have is also common.  I know, the "human condition" can be hard to reveal to others, but if all this keeps up, your folks are your best friends when it comes to worries.
by funnyweb24, Oct 06, 2013
i have same problem when i going to toilet an when i sit i have painful an its a little bit only comes out. under my belly button its very painful when im doing pooh .an in the right side i have pain when i push it in my hands or if i me lay down my back is anyone here that can help me here?????