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Pain on right side below rib cages
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Pain on right side below rib cages

I thought I had pain on my liver, I got checked for hepatitis and everything is fine
I got a liver xrays done; kidneys, all kinds of blood tests
doctor told me that it should be a problem with the large intestin
I feel my intestin throbbing everytime I drink orange juice,alcohol, or any other acids
I used to take preworkout suppelements almost everyday for 2years
(yes I work out everyday; or almost everyday)
I stopped drinking alcohol and orange juice and soda
I ve been told its related to acids or gases ?
I have no idea It would be great if someone can help me findout whats wrong with me because I dont feel normal and Im worried it gets worst
*another thing; if I drink orange juice I get really bad pain in my stomach and the throbbing on the ride side gets really bad

any help is greatly appreciated
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Avatar m tn
I wanted to add a few important things

Its been going for about 4months
sometimes I get hot; like one arm gets warm the other is not
or my legs are warm
same with my head
I thought it was a virus; I went and got checked for all stds.. all of them and everything came back negative
I got a chest xray done as well and thats also fine
I get diarrea (diarrhea) sometimes as well.not continuously I believe its related to the food I eat.not sure
Avatar f tn
Did you ever figure out what your symptoms were related to.
I am curious as I have the exact same symptoms, but live in a country where skilled medical assistance is not available.
Curious about your findings.
Avatar n tn
If you can find a doctor with a biomeridian or bioresonnance tester, it might help; sometimes these tests find bacteria and helminics that ordinary tests don't catch.  maybe check to see if there's a naturopath that has this test.  If you can't find a doctor, start internal cleansing and hopefully start fresh; it's easier to tell the actual pains and symptoms then also.
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