Pain on right side under rib cage?!!
by mnm119, May 18, 2007
  A few weeks ago I began having some minor discomfort on my right side, under the rib cage. About a week ago, I experienced a lot of pain in that same area extending around to the right side of my lower back.  That episode passed, but since then, I have had a constant burning, throbbing-type feeling under the right side of my rib cage. I have had some heartburn and mild nausea at times too. I know I need to make an appointment with my MD, but was wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone else. I have talked with a few people who have had problems with their gallbladders and consequently had to had it removed. They, however, said they were in tremendous pain with nausea and vomiting and even touching the area near & around the gallbladder caused extreme pain. I was just wondering if my situation sounds like a gallbladder issue even though the symptoms are mild at this time. I have tried to pay attention to when the symptoms are worse, but can't really pinpoint anything, not even after meals.  Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!
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by Jaybay, May 18, 2007
It could still be your gallbladder - but acalculous disease rather than the gallstones that cause those horrible attacks of which your friends speak.  See a gastroenterologist for a HIDA scan to evaluate this problem.  It could also be a problem with the bile duct, pancreatic duct, or the various tiny sphincters that control delivery of bile and pancreatic enzymes to the small intestine.  The gastro doc can check those out as well.  And yes, it's time to go get it checked out.  :-)
by livertrouble, Jan 08, 2008
do you drink alchole and do you have trouble with acid reflux?
I woke up in the middle of the night in discomfort due to pain under my rib cage  felt like a burning like acid reflux instead, of comming up went in to my liver any way it still bothers me some  time. I'm curious if you have the same symptons
by athleet3, Jan 08, 2008
      I have the same pain. I've had all the tests including the HIDA scan. They have found that I have gallbladder disease. I have an appointment with a surgeon. That type of pain whether it's severe or mild is very common when a gallbladder disease progresses. For some it goes away and comes back, for me it's going on 24 hours plus. The rest of your symptoms also point to gallbladder. Get it checked.
by peace996, Feb 07, 2008
I have pain under my right breast to the side. It comes and goes especially when I sit up for a while. I am a dibete so I wonder did it have anything to do with the pain.
by Lynnbug, Mar 11, 2008
Reading your letter is like I wrote it.  I'm having the same identical problems right now. I go this friday for ultra sound on my gallbladder to check for stones. I'm not in severe pain, but a dull annoying steady pain, this has been going on for several weeks now and yesterday, I started to have pain in my back which hurts pretty bad.  Did you ever find out what the problem was?
by carolbaby, Dec 07, 2008
pain at  rib cage on right side even two years after gallbladder removal.hurts to touch
by 11jen11, Dec 11, 2008
had same problem started out as a pinching then a constant pressure and pain under right rib cage , got hida scan and abdominal ultra sound they came back normal but found mass in my liver then got ct scan no mass in liver but inflammation of the pylorus and no I am to have an endoscopy after failed triple therapy for ulcer i am on prilosec 20mg 2 times a day having a tough time with it and going in for an endoscopy to figure out the problem ..
by TaraDoyle, Dec 17, 2008
I had my gallbladder out one week ago and am now having tremendous pain under my right rib cage thru to my back whereas before surgery I was having nausea and traditional gallbladder attacks due to stones. What has your doctor said about your continued pain after surgery? Thanks.
by wiccan333, Feb 09, 2012
I too had the pain and pressure under right ribcage and into my back and over time felt like a swollen organ, a pinching for over 2 years.  After hydrascans, ct scans and sonograms that came back normal, I switched primary care provider to an NP that had pain management background.  She knew exactly what the problem was.  There is a muscle that runs from your back to your front and is attached to the underside of your rib cage.  I had a knot in that muscle and she located it by bringing my foot up to my butt and turning my bent knee inward and felt along the side of my rib cage til she **** the tender spot and you can actually feel the knot. I was referred to physiatry who gave me an injection into the knot to break it up and release it.  So far, the pain is gone but the injection site a little tender (just had done yesterday) but the injection isn't too bad, and the pain you feel is the injection into teh musble and only 10-20 seconds - it's a quick procedure.  I am right handed, and I suspect if you're left handed it may affect your left side.  I also had stomach issues and she also discovered I had an ulcer (H.Pilorie sp?) thru a simple but not standard blood test, and I am on heavy antibiotics for that bacteria.  I hope this helps everyone -- it is a frustrating fishing expedition trying to find the problem and many doctors may miss this not having the back ground my NP does in pain management.