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Pancreas Problem?
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Pancreas Problem?

I am 47 yr old non smoker non drinker, but take high doses of codeine based medication for long term bone pain. Recently developed abdominal pain, radiating to the right and at times feeling as though someone is driving a red hot poker through to my back. Skin often feels cold and clammy and I sweat easily. I have little energy and friends have said I have at times looked jaundiced, unwell, pale etc. Lost weight and have little appetite. My stomach also bloats and I alternate between diahorrea and constipation. I have a dull pain constantly, however at times it goes into severe if not excruciating spasm and I can only get relief if I use breathing relaxation techniques and bend double, using hot water bottle on my stomach etc. Analgesia does NOT relieve the pain!!

I first thought the medication might be causing problems with either my liver or kidneys, but a liver and kidney function test show my blood results to all be within normal levels.

GP sending me for a ultrasound scan of my stomach but have to wait several weeks for appointment. Meanwhile, condition is getting much worse, friends say I look awful and I am worried whether I should go to A&E as I feel terrible.

Could this be pancreas problem caused by overusage of analgesia - If so does it need urgent attention or can I wait for the ultrasound scan? Any help would be appreciated.
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I'm so sorry you are suffering.  Only you will know when it's time to go to A&E.  There are so many things that could be causing your pain including pancreas.  Although I'm not a doctor and don't know anything about medicine, your symptoms sound as though the pain is interfering with your life.  This could be pancreas, sphincter of oddi dysfunction, small bowel bacterial overgrowth or a hundred other problems.  Waiting several weeks does not sound like a viable option when you're in that much pain.  The spasm does sound like sphincter of oddi dysfunction.

I've been going through this saga for two years now and I'm still undiagnosed and waiting for an endoscopic ultrasound to get to the bottom of it.

I'm going to add some links at the end of this post.  I sincerely hope you feel better soon and that you get to the bottom of this quickly.

All the best,


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