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I have had persistent diarrhea/soft stools for a few weeks, and passed what appears to be some kind of worm.  I have asked my doctor if I could have parasites, and he basically told me it was impossible and refused to do any kind of test or treatment for them.  In case I do have parasites, is there some kind of treatment for them that I can do on my own?  Is there an OTC treatment I should look for?

Thanks for your help.
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Cassandra, go back to your doc and request stool samples. If he isn't willing to do them, I'd suggest you find another doc. It's a service that's not expensive and should be done if there is a change in a person's bowel habits to make sure the presence of unwarranted 'critters' is ruled out.

Things in the stool can sometimes just be strange forms of mucus or undigested foods, but if you're worried it should be checked out.

Hey Cassandra,
I normally post on the "FMS" forum and because I couldn't sleep tonight/morning I ran across your question.

I hope this can help you.
And highly agree with CalGal.

Most MD don't agree that a human-being can be a host for parasites.
However, because of my own med'condition I've researched natural remedies that I've even tried and they have been most helpful.

For the past couple of years, I periodically do a colon cleansing. I was vary sceptical at first but because of constipation, bloating and bad breath etc. I had to do something about it.

Right away I noticed a change in my stool, I was able to go after a meal like babies do. Not going 3 times a week that's abnormal.

Think about this, We may eat 3 times a day, for 7 days a week and only have a bowel movement 3 x's a week. What happen to the rest of that debri, I agree that it's stuck in our colon being food for the parasites that we get from many places.

Not only do I agree that they parasites latch on to our intestines and breed, but I agree that they eat all the nutrition out of the food before we can even absorb it .

I agree that, that is why so many of us that are malnurist<forgive the incorrect spelling. We're tired all the time, having brain fog and other illnesses.
We eat and drink many different kinds of foods. That may not be clean or cooked properly, and our drink water often times is contaminated. I'm sure you've heard about that from new's reports etc.

Do your research, look at pictures and most of all becareful, It's hard to get help sometimes from a DR. who isn't on the same page as you.

Because herbs are not drugs the FDA does not regulate what is put into a capsule or powder. Remember becareful because some herbs can have side effects that can cause you problems.

I'm unable to take cascara sagrada because it give me a fast heart beat.  

I found help on this websites wwwdrnaturadotcom, and tried this product that was helpful to me.

You have a question, and you can find the answers.
Let me know how it goes.

I have also done research on parasites due to the white things in my stool. Humans can get parasites and from what I read (and my own doctor's opinion) most doctors will consider it. I know how it can be when you bring something up to a doctor and they casually dismiss it. In retrospect their reaction might be remember as "totally against it" but they usually are not "totally against" simple test. Be adamant and confident with your doctor; tell him you want the test done. Take pictures, like I did (gross I know) and show him. I went down to LabCorp with the 3 bottles the doctor's office gave me. The doctor had the results in 5 days. Not that I wish for parasite in my body but I was sad to here the test were negative. Now we have to do a CT scan.
     There is no "proven" OTC or herbal for parasites that I found. Not to say it's not out there but it just might not be well known. One thing I have read is that most parasites that attach to human's intestines drop eggs that usually don't hatch and move for a few days after they are released. Meaning that people with parasite may see white things in their stool but are not worms like.
You could have your stool tested {Doctors request needed} at and because they use DNA analysis testing instead of the most common lab test, if parasites are there they will find it.

GI Effects Specimen Collection Kit - Stool (71860)

GI Effects Profiles use DNA analysis to identify microbiota - including anaerobes, a previously immeasurable area of the gut environment. In addition to much more comprehensive bacteriology, mycology, and parasitology, GI Effects Profiles report drug resistance genes, antibiotic and botanical sensitivities, gliadin-specific sIgA, Elastase1, plus other inflammation, digestion, and absorption markers clinicians requested.
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