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Please Answer, In desperate need of Help. Platelets
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Please Answer, In desperate need of Help. Platelets

I just had BloodWork Done and my WBC is 20. With a HIGH platelet count of 900,000... HemoGlobin = 8.9
Im real scared because I dont know what it is.
Please Refer to some of my symptoms and let me know:

Im 20 years old
Crohn's Disease (8years)
Started Remicade 4 weeks ago.

Recent symptoms:
No Stomache pain due to remicade (which is good) (Better appetite)

Low grade fever at night and ovcasionally during the day. 99.3-101.3
Sore Throat.. Not major sore but sore and tender when swallowing food.
Back pain Upper and Lower.

Medications: entocort, Pentasa, Tramadol and remicade.

Weight: 102 pounds, 5"11

Please let me know if this can be a simple infection or arthiritis or a bone marrow problem... Really freaked out.
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Hi Kasper,
is ur platelet count 900,000 or 900M? there's a difference.. I researched it and it said normal platelet count per milliliter of blood is between 150-400M.. if ur platelet count is high it might be some sort thrombocytosis or hemorrhage.. best thing to do is see ur GI doc asap and have him analyze ur blood test for u.. I'm not a pro, jst trying to help... and I do hope this helps.. hope all is well.. keep posting
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