Pregnant with constant sick, full feeling in stomach
by Mom2Be062909, Dec 26, 2008
Hi. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. Since becoming pregnant, I have suffered from a constant sick feeling in my stomach which leaves me feeling very full and sick to my stomach. I never feel hungry and when I eat, since I do not want to harm the baby, I feel even worse afterwards and unable to function well. At times I go without eating due to the sick, full feeling and I throw up brown bile which feels like fire in my throat. I feel better for a very short time (and even hungry) but then the bile fills my stomach back up and I feel sick again. I tend to stuff myself with food to avoid vomiting the bile since after I throw up, I feel much worse than before. I've tried small meals but that seems to make it worse since eating triggers the acid production in my stomach. The acid never goes up my throat (unless vomiting); I don't have heartburn or reflux. I have no pain anywhere. I've taken Mylanta, Tums and Zantac but nothing helps, especially since those are really for heartburn or reflux. What is wrong with me? I've asked many pregnant friends and doctors and no one has anything like this. Since the baby is fine and I have no obvious critical illness, I feel like no one cares. I cannot get relief and I feel very depressed. We tried for a long time to get pregnant and this is not what I expected.
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by Fuzzz, Dec 26, 2008
The good news is this:  The kind of terrible morning sickness you are having is not terribly uncommon, but it is a good sign that the hormones necessary for retaining the pregnancy are nice and high.  Are you sure the meds you are using are approved in pregnancy?   Tums with calcium are okay, but I'm not positive about the other two.  OBs have a lot of rules from what I've heard.  I remember my sister and SILs and now my niece having varying amounts of morning sickness with their different pregnancies.  The old saltine cracker at the bed table helped a lot.  Ginger-containing foods, such as ginger ale, are helpful to many.  It is often key to eat before getting up.  Also there are wrist bracelets you can wear that have a plastic button that can be positioned over an accupressure point on the inside of your wrist that is a safe treatment for nausea.  I've used them for carsickness when riding through the mountains in the car.  Here is a link to one brand:  You can find them in most drug stores near the other antinausea medications.