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Problem identified. IBS? Now what?
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Problem identified. IBS? Now what?

- Endoscopy was normal.
- Colonoscopy shows irritation, ruled out blockage.
- Blood, Bacteria, Stool all normal.
- Sugar ok, Not a food allergy.
- Ruled out blockage in colon.

Irritation of the Colon: Is that called "I.B.S."?

The short version... Irritation causes gas and constipation plugs the colon so the gas can not escape causing a bloating nightmare.

The long version... I suffer from CONSTIPATION and FLUID that is produced because of COLON IRRITATION and GAS BLOATING. The constipation PLUGS up my colon (like a blockage preventing ability to pass gas) and then after enough time I puke (rare these days) or start to burp up the foods I ate earlier (not rare). So I can have constipation and liquid poop at the same time.

High fiber foods help constipation but cause more irritation. So we fix one problem and start another. Laxatives don't do anything for the irritation or gas.

Up until now I was treating it like it was a constipation problem. I've taken so much laxative that I pooped clear water and still produced gas and irritation. But now I think it is an irritation problem and constipation is a side effect.

No - sugar problem
No - bacteria problem that they could identify
No - cancer
No - obstruction of the colon
No - stomach problem
No - food allergy causing it
Yes - irritation inside the colon.

Zegerid med (for acid reflux) was slowing down the bloating. But the problem seems to be isolated to the colon. Once blocked the problem works its way back up through the small intestine to the stomach. So now I know why I am sick, but how do I fix it.

What works for irritation in the colon? Thank you.
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Irritation of the colon is not IBS. I assume biopsies were done, so get hold of the written doc's report and the pathology report and read them. Then go to your doc and ask what should be done next. Irritation can come from problems under the surface, so that should have been investigated via biopsy.
I have just been diagnosed with IBS.  I don't think I have it reading other postings.  I have had abdominal distention for 5 months, it has never subsided in the 5 months, gained 45 lbs., severe constipation, I feel like a fist is under my upper right rib cage, sometimes feel relief but moves to the left upper and lower side, pain urinating on right side, frequent urination, sharp movement or bending over shoots a pain thru my lower left and right pelvic area, extremely depressed and I feel like giving up.  Much worse during mentruation.  I have had an ultrasound, cat scan and mri on lower abdomen and pelvic area, my gyno is watching cysts on left and right ovaries, they have burst, but my body is not absorbing the fluids as it should.  My insurance company is not allowing further testing for 3 months.  Blood tests geared toward ovarian are negative.  I am waiting for blood tests to come back for Celiac desease, thyroid, lyme...  I have tried olive oil and lemon, apple cider vinegar, gluton free diet and supplements and nothing has worked.  I continue to gain weight...
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