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Problems with iron absorption - possible inflammation of the GI tract
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Problems with iron absorption - possible inflammation of the GI tract


I'm a somewhat healthy 22 years old man who as been having lagging problems for long and decided to do something about it.

When I was a child I was normal and usually bigger and taller than the rest. My good health very slowly went away without even noticing it.

By the time I was about twenty, I was somewhat weak even with regular muscular training in a good manner, always tired, constant headaches, allergies, no beard, thin and scarce hair, premature ejaculation... I thought it was my genetic.

I had seen doctors for the headaches and allergies before but none found anything good. I didn't consult for the other symptoms because I thought I was just made that way.

At 20, fed up of having to sleep 12 hour nights when my friends could be good with 6 or 7 and eat badly on top of that, I tried the raw food diet. I did it for 7 months and it didn't do any good except for relieved allergies and headaches. I lost a lot of weight, libido, energy and drive. Anyways, I'm not here to condemn or recommend raw food. I just thought it important to describe what lead me to discover what my problem is more precisely.

Anyways, to make a long story short, got out of raw, started to feel better (even if digestion was messed up probably because of irritation with the diet). Headaches and allergies started again. Did some tests with food groups and found out it was fermented products (cheese, yogurt, ...), so histamine rich foods.

Anyways, to help with the histamine, I started taking Bromelain (digestive aid, natural anti-inflammatory and believed to help with histamine digestion). Over night, I started to feel like superman. It was unbelievable. I never felt like that before. Tons of energy, new hair growing, no more premature ejaculation, lots more sperm, beard starting to grow, gaining of muscle mass, more heat, ... I would even sleep 4 hours and still be energetic as hell.

Being puzzled with what was going on and curious by nature, I couldn't stay satisfied  wondering what was going of so I did tests. I first thought that I had troubles digesting fats, than proteins than zinc. Its when I tried zinc supplements that I messed it all up and stopped seeing the benefits of bromelain. I then thought it was my thyroid.

Being too puzzled I finally went to a doctor (even if I have an aversion against doctors) and had some blood work done. Turns out my iron levels are pretty bad. Told doctor that Bromelain did the trick. She couldn't explain why and prescribed generic iron supplements. Supplements did nothing and digestion was even slower on them.

I was still very much puzzled as to why Bromelain = Better iron absorption and also why I would have problems absorbing iron in the first place. Now, with all the tests and supplements I took, I never regained the facility to digest I had before I started eating raw food and my stomach seems irritated and bromelain irritates it further.

What I decided to do to help regain normal digestion and be able to assimilate bromelain as before is to go on a water fast for 2 or 3 days. Now I know some people will tell me to consult a doctor before doing such thing, but the experiences I had with doctors is people in a hurry not looking you in the eye and that don't listen to half of your story and are in a hurry to prescribe some kind of pill. I will consult a doctor when I need to, but for now my gut feeling, logic and research is what helped me most.

What I now think is that since Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory, it probably helped with and inflamed GI tract and therefor permitted much better absorption. What I hope will happen at the end of my water fast is not only being able to take bromelain as before but also maybe to reduce this possible inflammation of the digestive system.

However, here is my question, if this all happens, I'm curious as to what caused this problem in the first place and would like to know possible ways to absorb nutrients normally without an anti-inflammatory like Bromelain in the future. Is it possible that Histamines is what caused this inflammation in the first place?

Finally, its good to know that even if I described my problems as briefly as possible, the whole process of achieving vibrant health spans on years and lots of tears and fears have been gone through. I'm telling this to let you know that any help could be life changing to me so I would be extremely thankful.

Thanks again.
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Avatar m tn
Hey man im 21 and for the last two and a half years ive experienced word for word what you have explained here. My symptoms started with the headaches and extreme fatigue to cognitive brain fog that has stopped me from living normal life. Going from doctor to doctor never finding relief unless i fast or miraculously reduce stress enough to allow reduced inflammation to digest a little. Right now im trying just milk thistle to aid my liver and bromelain for inflammation and possibly to help protein digestion... maybe? not really sure. All i know is if i take to many supplements it just makes it worse.....

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