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Red patches in stomach found by EGD procedure.MEAN Dr!
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Red patches in stomach found by EGD procedure.MEAN Dr!

I have had pain,pressure,nausea,and diareah for about a year and a half now. The problem is that I also have a failed double level spinal fusion. I had a hard time getting a Dr to take me seriously because I would complain about these symptoms and the Dr would just tell me that it is "just a side effect of my pain medications". Finally,just to get my Dr to take me seriously,I weaned myself from all my pain medications,and the stomach issues got WORSE instead of better.
My Dr set me up immediately for an appointment with a Gastroenterologist(sp?). Due to the symptoms, I was set up for an EGD before even meeting my stomach Dr. I went in for that today.
I have to say this was the worst meeting Ive had with any medical professional in my life!
He noticed that I have a pain patch,he said that I'm basically just a "chronic pain patient" and that the pain in my stomach is most likely just in my head.
I was in a rollover car accident unfortunately with no seatbelt on ,I ruptured two discs,needing the double level spinal fusion,and have also been dealing with migrains at least 2xs a week since the accident.
The Dr proceded to tell me today that he is sure that since I'm a "chronic pain patient" that he believes my stomach pain,and also my migrains are "all just in my head". He said that I would be better off just not wasting everyones time today and cancelling the procedure. He was sure we would go in and find a perfectly healthy stomach,since he does not believe that my stomach is the issue here. I have NEVER met this man in my life,he did not have my heath chart,he did not know anything except about my pain medication,and my failed back surgery. By this time I was in tears,embarrassed,and decided to just get my stuff on and go.
I know I am in serious pain,so right before I started to get dressed again,I told him that I did not care about his opinion,he does not know anything about me,and that I KNOW something is wrong and want to go through with the procedure. He then walked out of the room.
The nurses got me ready but couldnt quite sedate me because my blood pressure/heart rate was too high,and oxygen too low. One nurse calmed me down and of course appologized at least 20 times for the way the Dr talked to me. Then they must have put me out because I do not remember a thing after that until a nurse was trying to get me to wake up.

After all of this,I knew I would have to face this Dr again,but they must have given me extra sedationor something because I had a hard time getting "with it"
The Dr came in,still with an attitude. He said there were no ulcers,but he did find red patches in the stomach. He did biopsies of them,and that his office would call with the results. The he left. I did not get to ask questions or anything. NEVER in my life have I been treated like this by a Dr.  I'm actually glad that he found something wrong because that means he is wrong! He did NOT find a perfectly healthy stomach,it is NOT just in my head.....but now these questions.... What can cause "red patches" in my stomach? How long dose it usually take to hear back about a biopsy? And I never want to see this Dr again....I'm still so embarrassed and emotional about the whole visit. Do I have to get a different referral to see someone else,or an I just switch since I already got a referral?
I would really appreciate ANY help I can get! Sorry this is so long!
Docs can be total jerks at times. No matter what degree anyone holds, they're only human beings - which is a damn shame since we all act like idiots at times. Sometimes think it would be better being treated by an intelligent robot. But we've got to put up with what we've got - and docs are it. Write the experience off. It's not worth raising your blood pressure or your stress levels in thinking about it. He's a jerk, plain and simple. In the long run he doesn't matter. Your health does.

You may or may not need a referral to see someone else. Ask directly and make sure you get copies of all of your records to take with you.

The red patches can be caused by acid issues, in some cases due to the presence of H. pylori, a bacterium implicated in gastritis and acid reflux. If nothing else is found, the doc will probably suggest you get the H. pylori treated if it's found. In addition, it may be suggested you go on a GERD-friendly diet, make lifestyle changes, and start treatment with acid suppression meds such as specific histamine blockers or proton pump inhibitors.
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