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Rotten Egg Burps / Profuse Watery Diarrhea
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Rotten Egg Burps / Profuse Watery Diarrhea

I have never had a sulpher burp before that I can recall. I had one watery stool in the morning yesterday and started having discomfort in my abdomen and into my back. Lots of pressure it was like gas pain. I tossed and turned all night with very grumbly intestines.
My six yr old vomited 2x yesterday am.
In the morning I got up with watery diarrhea and It's been consistent all day. I also started having the Foul Offending Sulpher Burp, and I knew
my gut was rotten
The pressure in my abdomen made me feel kinda nauseous but never vomited. I avoided eating for a while and I drank water and my favorite Mega-Green in juice. It contains 18 billion live organisms. Thankfully I had no aversion to liquids, or I would be super dehydrated by now!
But I was 'pissing poop' so much my rectum started to really burn. Got raw and painful.
So at advice of a friend, I ate a banana, some brown rice with fresh grated ginger & garlic (yup, raw) topped with Raw Coconut Amino's (like soy sauce flavor) and Raw Coconut Vinegar. I also ate a bit of bread crust later.
I took some Homeopathic Podophyllum tablets for a few doses.
The diarrhea subsided for several hours I was able to take a nap. The next bout of diarrhea was only thicker than water, but have gone back to being water again, and more consistent.
So I drank some chamomile and peppermint tea, ate a light dinner with greens, and drank a double Ginger Tea. I'm off to take an Epsom Salt Bath with Ginger Essential Oil to detox my body, get warm.
You can make a strong ginger tea, Fresh grated or Powdered Ginger works too.
Then I was advised to take a 1/2 tsp of Baking Soda into 8 oz of water b4 bed, and another in the morning first thing upon rising.
She also recommended drinking a glass of Apple Vinegar, Hot Water, Honey, and a smidgen of cayenne pepper.
Anyway I think we got Giardia from a guy who sells brick oven pizza on a cart.
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If u have stuck with me through til now ~ lol ~ I just want to offer, especially to those who have this problem chronic or re-occurring;
These kinds of 'Expulsions' from the body, is essential to the cleansing process Of the body. You should NEVER Suppress : Diarrhea(!), Vomit, A Cough, or a Fever. The Body MUST Expell whatever is Poisoning it! You hold that poison in by suppressing it, and it will force itself into surrounding tissues, organs, and bloodstream, which could all Cause Further Illness.
All these things I am doing have worked to keep me maintained, as comfortable as possible, and are Supporting My Body in it's Process ; as well as encouraging it*
I feel so much better now, just all over.. Especially the bath :)
I kno that it is Likely Giardia, so I kno I can expect more diarrhea over the next day or so.. And I am hoping the Baking Soda Water, will relieve that!
I did all this all whilst tending to my two toddlers, later my older daughter, then Dinner, a little cleaning & then bedtime.
May we All Be Well *
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