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SCARY major bulge that pops out when I sit up or when I stand to go pot...
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SCARY major bulge that pops out when I sit up or when I stand to go potty

I have a major bulge that pops out when I sit up or when I stand to got potty. Its starts just above (1/2" )the belly button and stops 2 inches from my intersection of my left and right rib cage.  

The Bulge is pain full and almost always feels like it burns, Burns worse when I sit up or push on it.  I can not lay on my stomach and it seems to get way worse with constipation.  It can even make it hard to take a deep breath.

The VA hospital says its a HERNIA (PROBABLY) and told me to live with the discomfort and issued me a girdle.  They say unless it rips through my stomach and my intestines are hanging out side my body that the Girdle is all they will do.  I went to a local MD. He ordered a ultra sound and said the results indicated that there was no hernia and told me to take antacids. which BTW did nothing at all and told me to come back in 6 wks...

If I sit up it sticks way out. The lump is 10" long and 4.5 " radius and it raises to a height of almost 4 inches above my normal belly height.

Because of this UNKNOWN Bulge,  I cant bear down for a BM, or stop urine stream or ejaculate,  without sever burning in the lump and it pops out.. OH ! and if I cough hard, it also pops up. So I have to push on the lump and hold it in otherwise it hurts so bad that it brings tears to my eyes. But The doctors
won't do anything as they appear to not care.. It keeps me awake, its hurts all the time and my quality of life is really limited now.  It is getting bigger
as it started out 12 yrs ago about the size of a golf ball, now its the size of a nurf football.  PLEASE can anyone help me?  I was told that I have 3 bb sized gallstones and I'm over weight  6' 2"  320 lbs. But I have always been strong as a ox.. This is so honorable... I hope its not cancer.. can anyone point be to a type of Doctor that may be able to help. My VA GP and Gastro Specialists, tell me to wear a girdle, the GP MD in Medicare tells me there is no hernia. No one appears to be interested enough to help stop the pain or the condition.  The Girdle does help stop the sever buring, but I have to wear it 24/7 to even sleep or go potty.  
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Hi.  I have had more than my share of experiences with the VA via my husband.  It does sound like a husband has the same thing. BUT....your's is causing a lot of issues for you so you need to go back to the VA and elaborate on just how bad you feel.   A Gastroenterologist is the specialist you want to see. If I were you (and I've done this for my husband) I would go to the VA and see the Patient Advocate regarding this issue, they will get results for you.  In my non-professional opinion, the burning and pain indicates it may be tearing the abdominal wall, and this needs to be addressed. The VA has improved immensely and is all about patient feedback so they can improve even more, and they will work on your behalf!  Ask the patient advocate to get involved, I think you'll see a difference.  Take care and let us know how you're doing.
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