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Should I go through with Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy???
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Should I go through with Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy???

I am a 19 year old model who has been suffering on and off (mostly ON) from what I believe to be one or multiple chronic anal fissures for almost a year now... I also have a sentinel pile as a result.
I have tried many dietary changes to try and help my situation...
-High-Fibre Diets
-Low-Fibre Diets
-Clear & Full Liquid Diets
-Soft Diets that include only butternut squash, apples, spinach etc...
-Udos Omega-3 Oils in High-Fibre Vegan Protein Powder Smoothies

I am a big believer that we are our own healers... I have undergone healing meditations and holistic healing sessions as well.

I recently got a prescription for Nitro Cream which has definitely improved my anal situation along with the help of daily Metamucil/Psyllium therapy and a soft diet... I have been doing this for only a month thus far.
My bowel movements have become more regular as a result from Metamucil which has eliminated constipation and hard BMs. I am feeling more hopeful and positive depending on whether or not I have adhered to these EVIL strict diets...
However, I am concerned about whether or not this is gonna really "fix" me in the long-term and allow me to live a normal, happy lifestyle... I realize that I have to stick to this diet regimen and still have to continue with the Nitro Cream for a while to really see if I'm going to see a significant improvement.
I am just really terrified of it recurring after all of this business....

Through all my research, I understand that those who have undergone a successful Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy have experienced long-term relief and have resumed a normal lifestyle.
I KNOW that I am FOR SURE going to get my sentinel tag removed, so I am contemplating whether or not to go ahead and do this LIS surgery at the same time for preventative purposes (depending on whether or not this nitro cream therapy works out...) I would much rather DO IT and have it work long-term than keep up with what could possibly be just a short-term fix.

My sentinel pile as well as my anal fissures have dramatically affected my quality of life. My self-esteem/confidence, happiness, sex-life with my partner etc. have all been greatly affected. It's not an easy thing to keep to yourself either since eating really is a communal act with friends and family... As a model, this does NOT match my lifestyle whatsoever... Nobody should have to go through with such a small yet extremely depressing situation.

I have relied greatly on all of the posts on this site and others during my unfortunate experience with anal fissures.
Your input and responses are SO APPRECIATED...

So the ultimate question: TO GET LIS SURGERY or TO NOT ?!?!?!

Thank You !
Namaste, Friends.
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I'm 34 and just had it done a month ago.  I lived what I felt was a very healthy lifestyle, and was optimistic that I too could heal myself.  However it just wasn't the case. The surgery was a piece of cake, and I feel like I have my life back.  I know what you mean about affecting quality of life.  It's a horrible experience. I feel that I'm still young enough to enjoy life, and if even younger, say your age, I would not want something like this slowing me down.  

I read the horror stories on some of these forums about how this changed people for the worse.  I suppose there is that chance you take.  But what's worse, being scared of a minor medical procedure and living in pain the rest of your life, or being 1 out of 100 who has an incontinence problem?  For me it was an easy decision.  

best of luck to you
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