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Slate Gray Stool?
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Slate Gray Stool?


I am an active 42 year old male with a rather embarrassing question.

On Sunday, I passed 2 dark gray/slate colored stools. For some reason,
it caught my attention (since it's normally brown), and I immediately went to
google and typed in 'gray feces.' To my horror, the first few results included
Pancreatic Cancer, Malabsorption, Liver Disease, etc. I didn't sleep a
wink Sunday night. I know that sounds ridiculous, and I'm usually not
that dramatic or over the top.

As a side note, all bowel movements since Sunday have been back to brown
which makes me feel a little better. Other than the 'gray' experience, I have NO
health issues, feel great and exercise everyday. I haven't lost any weight and
actually gained 5 lbs of mostly muscle in the past month. I do take many workout
supplements like Nitric Oxide, drink many protein shakes during the day,  take
a natural testosterone enhancer and vitamin D-3.

Is it possible this was diet or supplement related? Is it normal to have an occasional
'Gray' bowel movement? Also, I did have quite a bit of red wine the night before ;-). But,
that's rare for me and I have never smoked.

In your expert opinion, what should I do (if anything)?

Thank you in advance for your response,

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Avatar m tn
Yeah, tell me about anxiety! I've had the same problem on and off with pale stools. Had my pancreas examined last week by endoscopic ultrasound looking for any masses or abnormalities. They didn't find anything.

I rather think your problem is related to the supplements you're taking. Do NOT overdo it with those things! Some of them contain "herb" extracts which sound harmless enough but can be toxic to your liver. Even if there's nothing toxic in them, there's potential for overloading your liver and kidneys. Your organs can only process so much protein. Lay off the supplements for a few weeks and monitor your symptoms.
You don't mention any other health issues so I wouldn't worry myself to death over this. Most likely a transient thing.If the problem keeps recurring or you start developing other symptoms like dark urine/itchy skin etc then you need to consult your doctor straight away.  
Avatar m tn

Thanks so much for your reply. I never thought I'd be paying
so much attention to my poop. Glad your ultrasound came back
negative. That had to be a relief. It very well could be the supps
as I've recently started taking tribulus, which is supposed to
naturally increase testosterone levels. Maybe my liver doesn't
like it. I almost celebrate every 'normal' bowl movement I have
now. Fortunately, everything has been normal since Sunday.

One of biggest fears has always been problems with liver or
pancreas, and I think the Swayze incident just made me (and
many others) more aware. Having 2 young boys, it would be
devastating to think of a serious issue with either.

Avatar m tn
"I almost celebrate every 'normal' bowl movement I have

LoL. Don't I know that feeling!

Stay well!
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