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Stomach Pains from eating certain foods
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Stomach Pains from eating certain foods

I’m currently 31 years old and 115lbs. My weight has been stable for the past 12 years. I’m hoping someone on this website can help me solve or figure out what’s wrong with me. [b]Put simply, I have stomach aches. [/b]

For the first half of my life, I’ve been very healthy with no problems. Then one day, during my sophomore year in college, I ended up with the worst stomach ache in my life. It was so bad and painful, that I just wanted to die. The cause was Burger King’s Whopper. I went there about once or twice a week. I never had any problems whatsoever with eating Whoppers. I went there on the Monday of that week, and I was perfectly fine. Then, I went again on Thursday. The next morning when I woke up, I felt a slight pain in my stomach, but I thought it was nothing. 30 minutes later, that slight pain was killing me, and I ended up with the worst stomach ache ever, so bad that just breathing made it hurt. I had no idea what the cause was until a week later when I went to Burger King again and got another Whopper, followed by another stomach ache. After that, I never went back there.

[b]When I have stomach aches, the pain basically comes and goes. Maybe for a minute or two, the majority of the pain would subside, but then, a moment later, the horrid pain would come back, then it’d subside again, and come back later. [/b]This would keep on going on until I "eject it" from my system, if you know what I mean.

As to what’s causing me to have these pains, I’m not entirely sure, some food or particular ingredient is my best guess. It’s somewhat complicated. [b]Here’s my theory as to what’s going on: I eat a lot of the same food. Every time, I go to the grocery store, I’d but the “usual” stuff. But after years of eating the same food, I “think” that an ingredient in the food stays inside of me and “piles up”. For example, let’s say that there was a cup inside of me, and that cup gathers some particular ingredient, that stays in me (cumulates). After years of eating that same food, the cumulating ingredient reaches the top of the cup and overflows. As a result, I get a horrid stomach ache and I can no longer eat that particular food. [/b]I’m sure that there are flaws in my theory, but that’s the most accurate way I can explain it.

Here’s a short list of foods that I used to eat a lot, but if I ever eat them again, I’ll get a stomach ache:

Burger King Whopper
Beef and Bean Burrito
Soy Sauce
Nalley’s Chili

There are lots of other things that cause pain, but I don’t keep track of them, even though I should. The foods that are listed above are the ones that give me extreme pain. There are some other foods that still give me minor pain.

[b]There is something that sort of cancels out the pain, and that would be Baking Soda. [/b] 3 teaspoons of baking soda mixed with 12 oz of water would cancel out the pain, for the most part. But it still feels like they’re having a “verbal battle”. If I ate the food and didn’t take the baking soda, it would feel like they were having a physical battle in my stomach, which would be very painful. However, if I take the baking soda it still hurts a little bit. Plus, it’s irritating in a way. As if there was still a battle going on, but a verbal one rather than physical.

The physical pain is only half of what bothers me. The other half is not knowing what the real cause is. I keep on telling my mom that I just have a weak immune system.

Notes: As to how healthy I eat, well I eat my salads and usually take my vitamins. I’m not as healthy as most people, but I don’t live on junk food.

Note 02: I thought that Sodium Benzoate was the culprit, but it’s not found on the chili or salsa. Plus, Coke and Sprite have it, and I don’t have any problems drinking them.

Note 03: I’ve tried things like Tumbs and Pepto-bismal, plus a few other drugs meant for stomach pain, but they were of absolutely no use.

I went to a doctor once about this, the only advice he could offer was, “if it causes pain, then don’t eat it.”

Please, if you have any advice or suggestions or even know what’s behind all of this, please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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yea basicaclly if u think its a type of food then u should eliminate different types of food one at a time until you figure out what it is. coeliacs disease would probably cause other symptoms but u could try going on a gluten free diet and seeing if that helps. its a condition that often develops in 20-30s. you can pay for allergy testing privately at come clinics, or google some websites on how to cut different stuff out to see what it could be. the baking soda helps because it neurtralises the stomach acid, i dont know that loads of baking soda is good for you though.
you could try seeing another doc about it but say u have stomch pains but arent sure if its ur diet or not, that way they may do blood tests for coeliacs and h pylori.
I'm pretty sure that it's not related to gluten.  I read about other people with stomach problems because of wheat and so on, but I don't think that's my case.  I have no problems with bread or wheat, at least not yet.  If I eat too much of the same food, my body becomes sensitive to it.  Someone else, on another forum, mentioned something called colostomy, do you know anything about it.
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