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Stomach growling
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Stomach growling

I have a stomach that growls primarily at night as soon as I lie down.. It is driving me utterly insane as I am now lacking sleep... It growls so loud that it wakes me up, waking my husband who now sleeps in the other bedroom.  He could still hear my stomach growling from the other room.  This condition has occured quite a few months ago actually almost 1 year...  I use to turn on my right side and the noise would simple vanish until I would roll on another side, then ack on my right side... now that doesn't work anymore, it growls however I am positioned....  I am getting very tired as I am lacking sleep because of this.

I do work a little late and arrive around 6:00 pm and eat dinner around 6:30 sometimes 7:00pm.  I go to sleep around 11:00 at night, could this be the problem?  Eating too late?  But what could I do?  Eat less proteins as they are hard to digest?

I did speak about my growling stomach to my family doctor who replied that there wasn't much that can be done on a  medical perspective.... I feel absolutely no cramps, no pain whatsover it's just this ANNOYING pipe sound that is driving me up the wall!  

For the last 2 nights, my stomach as started growling before I lie down which is making me even more bewildered!  I am standing vertically and it growls exactly the same as when I am lying down... I had 2 great dinners for the last 2 nights but nothing out of the ordinary (chicken with rice and veggies!!!).  Now it's even growling as I am writing this message.

I am not a coffee drinker at all!  I only drink black tea, I hardly drink POP and when I do it's Sprite... I don't eat fried foods or hardly anyway!  I eat sensibly so it's not my eating habits.  I take no medication...

WHAT THE HECK COULD E BEHIND THIS ANNOYING NOISE!  It's separating my husband from me, with valid reasons and I MUST sleep....

Someone please help.

Thanks in adance.

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Sorry this isn't the best answer, but I have a slight idea why.
I have the same problem, but not too severe to the point it growls regardless of my position.

Avoid sleeping on your left side... Not sure why, but your stomach growls more.

Look at the food you eat. Examine them and see which foods give you a lot of gas. For example, dairy products (milk specifically), Snapple's Green Tea, rice of any kind, and apples give me a lot of intestinal gas. Once you know which foods give you more gas, avoid eating too much of them.I heard bananas and beans give you gas. Search up foods that give people a lot of gas on google and avoid them.

You said you ate rice. Well, I'm not sure if it'll be the same for you, but try eating less rice for once. If none, that's okay too. The veggies/chicken doesn't really affect anything.

Milk is more common. You might get gas from that.

Drink water when you sleep. A lot. It'll help subdue the noise a little. If it still growls after only* 5 min, drink more. (Yesterday was pretty bad for me... Drank 2 bottles. It took 2 hours until I finally gave up on the growling and fell asleep a few min later.) You can try sleeping on your stomach.... It still kind of growls, but it's not as bothersome. If you want, plug in earphones for music...

I have those sleeping robes where you tie it around your waist. I tie it tightly around my stomach (kind of makes it less easier to growl), then drink water. I don't know how to fix this yet, but it has kind of helped me so far.... And when your stomach growls, it'll be slightly less bothersome.

Another thing you can try is olive oil. A spoonful of it should be fine. It helps reduce the strength of your stomach muscles.

I'm sorry I don't have a remedy for this, only a few tips. Go to the doctor and see why it's happening. (It's not THAT bad for me. At least not yet... so I haven't gone to the doctor's.)

Sleeping late might be one factor. Might*. I usually sleep around 12-1AM. But If I sleep later and eat dinner around 6, I basically already digested my dinner. It's probably because you're hungry. Eat a little closer to your bed time, but not too close -- wait at least 2-3 hours or you might gain weight.
Eat a snack if you want before you go to bed -- just not apples/bananas.
Eating a small amount before sleeping is fine, just don't eat a meal and then sleep.

As for your husband... Maybe get earplugs in the meanwhile?
I hope he'll be a little more patient!

Well, your condition seems severe compared to mine. If what I said didn't work, go to the doctor's. See what they suggest. Try drinking water, eating a small snack, and getting a spoonful of olive oil before you sleep first though. If it's still growling, you can do the sleeping robe method to ease the growling a little and sleeping on your right side (or stomach).

After you consume those things, make sure you have water near your bed.

That's all I have so far. I haven't done much experimenting on more serious conditions, so I don't have much that I know of to tell you. I hope whatever I said kind of helped you at least!
But definitely, DEFINITELY try going to the doctor's.

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