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Stomach issues.. have lost faith in health system :(
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Stomach issues.. have lost faith in health system :(

Back in Jan. I had a ruptured cyst in my ovary...I had to go the hospital because the pain was so bad! They admitted me for observation and then I was released.
A few days after being home I started feeling bloated..not just a little but ALOT.
A week later I got PAIN in the middle of my abdomen and it was so bad I had to go the hospital again...they admitted me for testing. They kept thinking it was acid reflux even after I said I had it before and this didn't feel anything like it...they ignored my words and gave me a upper endoscopy and found nothing except VERY minor irritation but nothing to be concerned about. They put me on pantoprazole anyway. They then moved onto Chrons disease and wanted to give me a colonscopy but after reading about it myself..I did NOT have any of the blood in stool, no fever, no problems with bowel I refused because I told them it feels like it has to do with my intestines and not my bowels but again they ignored me. I said..why can I NOT have some kind of scan like an Ultrasound or CT scan and ready for this..they said because of my age (I'm 36!!) they didn't recommend any kind of scan yet.
I'm no doctor BUT I would of thought that doing the least invasive (ultrasound) first would be easy to see if any of my organs are not looking right!
So anyways...I was discharged because I refused the colonoscopy and the doctor said they might consider a CT scan BUT it was a LONG wait. I was sent home with pantoprazole and that was that.

So after a week I had to return because I got PAIN again and they admitted me...thinking that it was something do with the ovarian cyst they sent me to the GYN part of the hospital for an exam but the GYN doctor said aside from a few small cysts everything was "normal" so was sent back to emergency room where they were sending me to another dept. I told the doctor I have NOT eaten since 8 in the morning (it was now after 10pm) and was there any way I could have an ultrasound...she finally gave in and said yes BUT not til tomorrow morning so I had to fast til after the ultrasound) I was admitted and they gave me an IV for painkillers and the morning the nurse comes in and says they dont know what time I will go to ultrasound but she will keep me posted.
She comes in hr later telling me my priority has be DOWNGRADED!!! So I will have to wait up to 3 days :(
After hearing this I was not happy. In the meantime the doctor on the floor visits me and exams me and says very little. Nurse comes back a bit later to say I will be having a colonoscopy!! They are not sure if it will happen on Monday or not but I was told to fast (starting today) and drink some stuff to clean out my bowels. I was sent home with pain killers (haven't taken)...
All this fasting for what seems no reason is making me so angry!!!

Further blood work was normal except my iron is low but I have had that for yrs due to heavy menstral bleeding) blood pressure was normal during my stay there BUT for the past 2 days I have had a raised temp of 99 F. and feeling like my abdomen is going to burst!! There is no pain on sides, back or legs but when I lean forward I feel like something is pushing under my ribs area.

I feel like they aren't listening to me or taking my case seriously and just doing this invasive tests instead of doing the simple things like an ultrasound!!!

Has ANYONE had similar health issues?

(sorry so long but I did want to explain the whole situation)...
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I think what has happened to you has to do with the original hospital visit with the ruptured ovarian cyst.  I think it's likely you have both hemorrhaging and infection from that ruptured cyst, it's invading your abdomen, and both of these can be life-threatening.  Since this hospital could care less about your complaints of continuing pain as relates to the burst cyst, then I hope you can go to another hospital in the area or see your gynecologist on an emergent basis or, if you don't have one, see one at the free clinic at your county's health department as a walk-in the same day.  And if you have to go back to the same hospital, figure up the time of day you've been before and go at a DIFFERENT time (even tonight, in the middle of the night at 2 a.m.!).

Let me explain.  You have this increasingly bulging gut, you've had continuing off and on pain ever since you first came in which required several other hospital stays, and now you have a fever, which following a ruptured ovarian cyst, these signs indicate possible hemorrhaging and/or infection, which are life-threatening complications.  And when you returned the second time STILL IN PAIN and with an expanding gut, after the first visit with the ruptured cyst, those two signs should have caused them to indeed do an ultrasound, and also withdrawn abdominal fluid to check for sepsis, and given you antibiotics no matter what (and some of this should have been done on your first visit!).  

Now, this so-called gynecologist at the hospital who checked you and said other than a few small cysts, you were normal, apparently she didn't get the memo that you had originally come to the hospital emergency with a ruptured ovarian cyst, and now this was your third visit and you still had pain and a continually expanding gut.  Otherwise she would have done the tests I just told you about that should have been done on your second visit by ER people, nevermind on a third visit by a GYN.  GOOD GRIEF.

See, for sure could be this is something ELSE going on.  But the problem is, the physicians at this hospital have not done ONE THING (other than a superficial exam by a hospital GYN who didn't know your history or she would have at least commented on how the old ruptured cyst was doing) to RULE OUT any complication to the ruptured cyst!  Because IF that ovary's previous burst cyst or a new burst cyst is spewing out blood, infection, or worse yet blocked circulation is turning your ovary into necrotic tissue, then each and every time they have turned you away (not to mention that INSANE starving routine), they have made you sicker and sicker, and their INaction may actually kill you, altho you sound like you're still concious.  Smile..

Sorry, I'm being overly dramatic.  And I am SO glad you posted here.  It's Sunday, you poor thing, but I'd go ahead and arrange for someone to come with you tomorrow to whatever health care place you choose to go, and try very hard to keep UP FRONT AND CENTER the info that this all started with a ruptured ovarian cyst.  No one in the line of treatment should do one thing to you until they've heard that information.  And then of course the continuing pain, the expanding gut, and you've had a temp for the last two days.  Okay?

Come back to us when you FINALLY get some REAL help with this, because while complications are unlikely, NO ONE has ruled them out, and you are looking more and more like someone who DOES have complications.  And I've been shoved around in hospitals to where I had to drag my I.V. into the hallway to get anyone's attention, I've got pictures of a deformed and fractured spine and other back problems from when a car I was riding in crashed into the snowy ravine, and at one point an orthopedist and neuro didn't think I needed more pain medicine (I'm a retired newspaper woman, own my house free and clear, don't drink, I'm disabled and a senior citizen... like I'm gonna be out there doing drugs illegally... SIGH), so I KNOWS what it's been like for you, and if you DO have infection, etc., they should put your whole story into a textbook as to how NOT to run a hospital.  GG
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