Stomach pain in the early morning.
by Regmc, Jan 14, 2009
      I have had stomach pain that started in late July.  what happens is around 330 to 400 in the morning i awake with stomach pain.  For the most part is all of my stomach and it is very tight.  Some times i will have a sharp pain in my lower right hand towards my back.  When I first started getting this it wasn't every night, but now is continuously every night and lately i have been taking ibprofren or aleve to be able to go back to sleep.  When i do sleep it isn't as painful if I am curled up in a ball.  This pain will last untill i get up.  It usually goes away about an hour after I am up and moving around.  Then the rest of the day I have no pain.  I also go to bed around 1030-1100 every night.
      I started going to the doctor in August and he started me on aciphex which did nothing.  I then tried prilosec and that did not help either.  He then had me take a urine test and a blood test and they came back fine.  I then had a CT scan and the only thing he saw was that my colon was inflamed a little.  I waited untill mid December and had  a colonoscopy and it came back fine.  Then after that I had a ultrasound which they said everything was fine.  Their next step is for me to have an endoscopy done.  
      I was just seeing if there are any ideas of what this could be?  Just getting tired of taking all of these tests with no results.   I have tried eating different foods and i don't see a difference there. I have also tried eating again in the middle of the night when it wakes me up to see if that did anything and it has not. I only get that pain in the morning also then it goes away.  Just seeing if I can get any answers?

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by crambone, Jan 14, 2009
check into colitis,,,see if that matches up to your problem.
by mgjarrett, Jan 26, 2009
I've had this issue as well.  Exact same time frames.  I posted the following the begining of January:
I am a 47 year old female. About 3 months ago I got sick with bronchitis was put on an inhaler which I think really bothered my stomach. My doctor put me on prilosec which I took for 9 days then stopped due to terrible stomach pain, he then put me on acifex which did absolutely the same thing. After complaining about the stomach pain, my doctor sent me to a gastroenteroligist who ordered blood work, and a esophogram all coming back negative. The new doctor put me on protonix and after 5 days I had wonderful relief. Unfortunately it only lasted a couple of weeks. I began waking up around 4:30 in the morning with terrible stomach pain, nausea, dry heaving, and sometimes diahrea.

He wanted me to continue the protonix and added carafate. Finally, I did research and found the protonix could be the cause, I stopped it and started the carafate. Within 2 days I felt better. After a week on the carafate the symptoms started again, so I cut out the carafate. Again began feeling better but then started again when I woke again at 4:30 with stomach pain, nausea, dry heaving. I assumed I was nervous about the EGD. It also turned out fine but showed I have a hiatal hernia. The doctor said it was a small one and made no big deal out of it. I didn't think until after I got home what that means, life style changes, and so on. My doctor could not give me a reason for the stomach pain, diahrea, or gurgling that I have been experiencing and wanted me to continue with the medication. I told him I couldn't take it. He suggested zantac which. I took it an hour before bed but still woke up at 4:30 with intermittent stomach cramps and diahrea.. The waking up with stomach pain, diahreah, and dry heaves and feeling like a limp noodle went on  for 4 weeks.

A week after the EGD I began feeling better and figured my thinking that the medication was correct.  I began regaining my strength, walking, eating, and feeling my old self again.  This went on for 3 weeks.  On New Years Eve it started again with the nausea in the wee hours of the morning.  I though maybe something I ate was bad.  But immediately I felt extremely run down.  I have experienced chills. Feel week, dry heaves, and diareah began this morning.  I took zantac twice yesterday because I felt acidic. I feel like I am slowly getting worse.

Tests Run:
Esophogram: Negative
Blood work, liver and pancreas function, and various other tests: Negative
Ultrasound: Negative
EGD: Negative

Gurgling (sounds like when you pop the top of a soda can hearing the gurgling as the fizz settles)
Stomach Pain (Though not as bad as originally)
Diareah (Just started again)
Occational painful twinges in gallbladder
Feeling week
Not sleeping

Since I posted I've seen two more doctors. The second doctor has told me to eat yogurt twice a day and thought that I may have had a viral infection that reactivated the original issue. Had a stool test and abdominal xray done.  I've had 1 week without problem and then it has started again.  I am at my wits end as is my family.  I have no idea why no doctor can help me figure out what the heck!!    

by coughting, Jan 26, 2009
Have you seen a gastroenterologist?  This is where I would start.  
regmc, you really need to see a gastro dr.  a lot of your symptoms are chrons or uc symptoms.  Could be Gerd.  

Good luck
by mgjarrett, Jan 26, 2009
Yes I have seen a gastroenterologist.  Saw him twice.  He ordered most of the tests I had done.  After my EGD he told me he had no idea why I was having stomach pain, nausea, gurgling, and sent me back to my primary doctor.  I was insistent to see another doctor, who happened to be a surgeon.  I was suprised he told me to eat yogurt twice a day and take zantac.  I really don't know where to turn I feel like I've exhausted my search since all tests come back negative.

by Smcornock, Feb 08, 2014
Did you ever figure out your abdominal pain? I'm having the identical situation with tests and all negative. Now getting 2nd opinion with another endoscopy. Please let me know.