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Stomach problems as result of H. Pylori
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Stomach problems as result of H. Pylori

I just finished 2 week prevpak a week ago and actually I feel worse. The symptoms have changed. Originally I had bad heartburn, fullness and bloating, belching and sometimes not being able to catch a good breath. After treatment, I have minimal heartburn, bleching BUT my abdomen is in pain. It feels as if it is being squeezed and sometime crampy. This comes and goes but is very uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this experience?

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welcome to our are not the only one who feel that way aftter the teratment of h pylori
check this post
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i gonna make more easy for you...i gonna copy and paste my post and other people,,,so tell me what do you think
this is Lindyy post may 6 2008
I am a 57 year old female who has never had any gastro problem until I was diagnosed with H Pylori about a year ago.  At the time I had tremendous amounts of gas and bloating even after small abouts of food.I looked 9 months pregnant and had constant pain.  I was treated and and I thought it went away but  now I have the same systems but worse and I am naseous.  I recently had fibroid surgery and was tested for MSRA and was positive. I was treated before the surgery.  I also have a constant nasal drip and throat clearing. I have never had as much as a stomach ache in my life and now I am constantly aware of my digestive system everyday.

Since both are bacterial infections, is there a possibility that the superbug is responsible for  it all?   Do you have any ideas how this could just pop up like this?  

I live in Chicago and would appreciate a recommendation to  see a doctor who will spend the time to help sort this out.

this is my second post after a nice member of this forum gave some advice about probiotics and aloe juice,,my apologizes in advance cause english is not my first language...i became american citizen the last year but my typing is not the best...the last year they found h pylory after an endocoscopy...they gave me the treatment with the antibiotics and tested after and they told me that i was negative of the bug...but after that i felt worse than ever...pain around my ribs..acid reflux/...lactose intolerant/.//i'm taking in the morning cause the generics ones did not work on me..prevazid did not work..nexium did not work..aciphex did not work..only the protonix but the expensive one..i should be so insurance just only cover some money but not the complete total..but well it's ok..i don't know is protonix is giving me all those side effects...i take gasviscon just one tea spoonfull in the night...i sleep with big pillows...i try to tell my doctor to give me other endocoscopy and he think that i'm crazy..but i really need that...they made sonograms./.blood test and everything was i gonna try to see about the candida yeast infection cause i took too much antibiotics in my life when iw as a teen ager thanks of my acne...and the treatment of h pylori./.i try to fix my intestinal flora with probiotics...the one without milk..and one oz of aloe juice...
but i feel really bad..everyday with that pain around my ribs and really gassy...i hope to find someone in this forum with my same problem after the treatment of h pylori..please i need advice...
If you have been on the antibiotic treatemnt for H pylori,
you may experience increased acid reflux, which is unfortunate
side effect of the treatment.  Your stomach adjust acid level
with H pylori so that when the bug is erradicated, the acid level
could shoot up resulting in more frequent hearburn.
I went through the treatment myself about a year and seven months
ago. And I had horrible experience with the side effects of
the treatment.  All of the sudden, I started to get hearburn, which I never had in my life.  The hearburn lasted good six months.  My stomach lining was damaged terribly by the antibiotics and gastritis was quite severe for about a year and
three months.  I had endoscopy done three times in a year and
seven months: last one just last month. Last endoscopy showed
healed stomach lining and I no longer feel stomach pain too much
as long as I have careful with the diet.  I am no longer on
PPI drugs although I was on the drugs for about seven months last year.
I think antibiotics and PPI drugs also ruined my intestinal flora. antibiotics may have also irritated my intestinal lining as well.  I am still suffering from very very loud water gurggling sound around my belly buttom and terrible problem with digestion of food.  I already had ultrasound test and small bowel series along with blood, urine, and stool test which came back normal but I may have problem with my large bowel and may
need colonscopy.
I am only 32 now and was only 30 when I took the antibiotics and
don't think I should be in this much problem with my health.

NOW YOU CAN see that you are not the only one...i thought that iw as crazy to feel in that way after the h pylori treatment...well now i;m taking probiotics and i feel much better but still i'm dealing with the side effects of the treatment
best wishes and stay in touch

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Hey guys,

What issues do experience after prevpac? It is being one year since I went through H.Pylori treatment and now left with many side effects (I never had any problems before). I went through many possible tests and specialized doctors and nobody can confirm what exactly wrong with me.
I also tried different kinds of probiotics with no success.
Does anyone have any suggestions how to recover? What probiotics you take?

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I can tell you my own story.  I was diagnosed twice with h pylori.  After taking a seven-day treatment I felt worlds better.  A day or two later the nausea I had before detection came back, along with GERD.  I now have unbelievable acid churning any time of the day, a burned throat from it, bad taste in the mouth, and still nausea when it gets very bad, so most days.
I don't know if it's from the antibiotics, but I don't know what else.  My sister in law is a doctor, and she says yes, there is a rebound time, but she's not a GI, so she wasn't' specific.

I am drinking kefir on a daily basis.  It is better than yogurt, and has lots of probitics.  I make it myself, and if you're interested I can point you in that direction.
I don't know if it's helping, but I'm doing it anyway.  I've been very ill with this about 3 weeks now.

I'd like to know how you're faring?  Are you feeling better, worse, or the same?  If better, how long did the recovery take?
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I, too, had H. Pylori and was treated and then tested negative.  That was about 2 years ago.  Now, all of a sudden, I'm having terrible stomach pains and heartburn.  The doctor put me on prilosec for 5 weeks and it did nothing...maybe even made it worse.  I'm now on probiotics, etc. but am getting no relief.  I'm really concerned, too.  I just want my life back!  Has anyone heard of L. Glutamine to help?  I can't drink coffee, alcohol, and this morning when I drank a yogurt smoothie it killed.  I might try going off milk.  I just went off Gluten on Monday to see if that will help.  I'm desperate!  Has anyone had the experience of the pains coming back after a couple of years?  
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I had H- pylori for 9 months. I had my gallbladde removed in Oct 08 and the horrible GI symptoms started to present themselves just weeks after. I finally got diagnosed with H- pylori in July 09 and immediately was put on prev-pac for 14 days. This was a terrible treatment with terrible side effects but I found that eating probiotic yogurt after taking the antibiotics did wonders! I still had the symptoms of h-pylori for about two months afterwards but tests showed the bacteria was completely eradicated. Its crazy how the bacteria imbeds itself in your stomach lining and causes such devestation. As of right now there are still times when I feel nauseous and my GI tract has never been the same, but I am not experiencing the severe every day nausea, headaches, burning abdominal pain, dizziness, and weight loss. Also, did any of you ever have chronic hiccuping with your H-pylori? I did, and I thought it was so weird.  I learned in my microbiology class that I had to take for nursing that the bacteria produces CO2 which is why there is excessive burping and hiccuping, interesting huh?  Also, every day I drink a probiotic yogurt smoothie and the milk I drink has acidophilus in it, I have found that is helping with my random GI symptoms I still have.  For the most part, I am 100% better, although I still have some symptoms that come and go, I feel very blessed to be back to my old self again! To those of you out there still suffering: it will get better, it takes time for your stomach to get back to what it was, don't give up and don't push antibiotics! While antibiotics are great in certain circumstances, in others they can be more harmful than beneficial!
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Everybody try drinking peppermint tea for a few days and post back if this helps.
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It took the doctors almost 2 years to figure out I had H. pylori and after the harsh treatment I felt great, gain weight, joined the military but once I had my first child all the symtoms (symptoms) came back.  I've been suffering from the same symtoms (symptoms) and no answers for 6 years now.  I weigh 90 darn lbs, I feel terrible almost every time, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain (usually under my ribs).  I hate how doctors can't figure out what the hell is wrong.  I want to live a normal life.  I've been trapped in my home for years and I'm so young and have three kids to take care of.  I don't go out any where because of the fear of having to use the bathroom, not making it to the bathroom, or puking in front of people.  I hope to find answers some time soon!!
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I was treated with an antibiotic for 14 days for H pylori taking two pink pills [antacid], one black and yellow pill, and one white pill every day, two years ago. About two months later I started feeling an ache in my lower abdomen. The pain has gotten worse since I have been testsd with MRIs with contrast and also had a colonoscopy. My colonoscopy showed that I had diverticulosis and the MRI of my lower abdomen and pelvic area showed nothing abnormal.The pain gets worse when food is in my intestines and the pain is now radiating like a tire around to my back. My doctor tells me all the tests came up negative and that the diverticlosis should not be causing this pain. I think the antibiotics might have damaged the lining of my small intestine and is now leaking into my body. I say this because when I eat certain foods, my skin in my calf muscles start to itch like crazy, with moist fluid and rashy red blotches. My forearms and my upper back also get the same symptoms.
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I was dx. with H.Pylori and took just Flagyl alone because my pharmacist did not fill the Prevpac. After reading everyones comments, I am relief that I did not take the Prevpac. As for the Flagyl, my side effects are loss of appetite, weight loss, this huge loud gurgling noise in my stomach is my coworkers can hear, and being tired. Now the GI doctor wants me to take the Prevpac along with the Flagyl. I'm thinking NOT. I never had stomach problems, just occassional heartburn after too much spicy food and/or tequilla.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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