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Hi my name is sue,
and for the last 3 - 5 days my tummy has been acting up.
I feel constantly bloated and just an all round uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.
I hear bubbles and gurgling sounds from my stomach every now and then and
i have pretty bad diarrhea. (to the point where my poo is no longer solid and is basically
like watery) I also am getting very gassy. Both burping and farting, in fact
last night when i farted a little liquid poo came out. I know it sounds gross and it is!
but can someone, ANYONE tell me what wrong with me?!
I have not vomited but feel nausea's at time to time and it could be due to something
i ate but i thought if it was food poisoning it would of been gone by now. Please help!
i'm trying to give you as much as i can so you can diagnose me.
At the moment all i have been eating is grained plain toast with veggie trying to drink
as much water as possible but last night i had steak! Not a good idea!
My tummy sometimes feels normal though but then it tricks me into thinking im fine
and i get my hunger back but i know if i eat something too oily or something then i'll
feel really sick afterwards!
Sometimes i get chills and feel as though i may have had a fever but dont know.
Havent been to the doctors. My family says its just Gastro but i dont think it is.
Am i Wrong?
or is it a flu virus?
thankyou so much!
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My guess is IBS.   try some metamucil for a couple weeks and see it that helps
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Hi Sue,
     We can't guess by this symptoms, consult with your doctor and take proper treatment. Because he is the only one who can properly guide you and suggest also. Don't be nervous.
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We get used to upset stomachs that are gone after an hour spent on the toilet, but there are nasty viruses etc that can make you this way for up to 2 weeks. So long as you are not experiencing physical pain, blood in stool, or a fever then you should be ok for now. Keep your fluid, potasium, and vitamin levels up.

You did mention oily foods. if you think fat is setting things off this could well be a sign of gall bladder issues, Try and make note of what you eat.
Have a feel and a prod around the area of your gall bladder and see if there's any tenderness.just under your sternum and slightly to the right.

Sometimes fibre like bread is not best for an upset gut, try milk, porridge, oily fish.

If you have access to medical care (not sure how it works in OZ) a blood test should show if you are fighting a virus or have gall issues.
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