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Hi All,
This is my first visit.
Very encouraging to read the different experiences and conditions. Also good to know that I am not alone.

I had quite a severe stress collapse about 2 years ago due to work, children, company, partner etc... This collapse was accompanied and followed by panic disorder.
Panic attacks (episodes) have become less frequent and yet, when one appears, it comes out of the blue and very often due to a reaction of my VAGUS NERVE. I know that it is not a problem with my heart but I cannot think rationally when it happens.
This morning I ate a banana and shortly thereafter the episode started while driving my car. And very often this is the scenario. I am glad that I do not have to describe the symptoms as you all know them well......
I will keep on reading the posts and give my "little" input and encouragement when necessary.

Kind regards to all


This discussion is related to VAGUS NERVE and STOMACH or HEART LURCHES (spasms).
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Avatar m tn
    Interesting site this. I am 68 years young and have had this annoying problem for near 25  yrs.
     I know when it actually started to the minute. I was a roller skating addict. After eating three ham sandwiches and 3 pints of Lager I decided to go back skating. One thing I used to do was squat on one leg with the other leg outstretched whilst rolling along. Unfortunately my stomach was a bit larger than normal (obviously) and it got squashed . The sensation of my stomach oesph popping through was not pleasant and an instant thud in my chest and galloping heart rate did cause me to panic a bit. Ever after that episode I have lived with what I call the Thumps.
       Previous to this I could swim 20 lengths of our local swimming pool ,no problem.
I could not even lower myself under the water after that without all manner of strange chest activity.( Water pressure)
        Beer is out of the question and anything fizzy  ,spicy etc. I did go to the Doctor and was given Tagamet etc. and no use.Other things that would trigger it off would be Chemical fumes I worked for a Pharmaceutial company I had to change jobs internally and not go near any chemical activity difficult.Petrol,chlorine and cold weather and bending all had the same effect..
         Had all the usual ECG,s treadmills etc all were okay. In the end you think you are going nuts as it seems to difficult to explain to the then doctors. Even I could work out that my oesphagus was causing the problem by breathing in . Eventually after complaining enough about it  
I had a Endoscopy and I was told that I had a sort of Hiatus Hernia? and that my Oesph valve was all mishapen and moving through the diaphragm. Nice.
          I still have the odd thumping about but watch what I eat.No late meals as it when laying on the right side it can be uncomfortable.
          Anyway all sounds boring now but that is my experience of it. Time for a cuppa.
Avatar n tn
Amazing!  I have found people who experience the same symptoms as I do.

I was researching because I have suspected the Vagus Nerve for several months now.  I also have Simple Partial Seizures that have been difficult to control with medications because either the medications don't work or I am hypersentive to them.  The seizure activity is increasing over time.  My neurologist has referred me to a neurosurgeon to get a VNS implant (Vagas Nerve Stimulation).  However, this is not the only thing I have been chasing for months now.

I have been having very uncomfortable heart palpitations, that lower my heart rate, while sending my blood pressure through the roof.  All the work ups show nothing and they just keep giving more and more medications that are not helping.  Holter Monitors show PVC's and PAC's but not enough to warrant any specific intervention.  I am now on 6 different blood pressure meds and still don't have good control of it.

Also, whenever I eat solids or liquids, or even belch just a little, I have had a very painful, corkscrew feeling in my esophagus.  I have had two endoscopys, one with dilation, a cortisone injection, CT Scan and an esophageal manometry test.  That test showed my esophagus was clamping down and spasming very tight whenever I ate.  I have had GERD for many, many years and have had some relief with PPI's.  If I stop the PPI it gets much worse.  The endoscopy and the manometry test show that my lower esophageal sphincter looks quite healty and normal.  I can go for 3-4 days not needing to have a bowel movement  and then have a sudden full-bowel emptying day.  It's a cycle.

I also have suffered from extreme depression for my entire life, which VNS has shown to be very beneficial, but alas, VNS is not covered by insurance for the diagnosis of depression.  It is covered for the diagnosis of seizures.  I have been on nearly every antidepressant and neurepleptic in existance and have had bad side effects, no effect or allergic reaction.  My allergy list is a mile long now.

I've had dozens of panic attacks in my life and I know what they are....BUT THIS experience is NOT a panic attack !!!!  I know the difference.

I think my Vagus Nerve is just screwed up.  Perhaps due to a congenital fusion in my neck?  Does anyone know the cervical outlet point for the Vagus Nerve??? or does it come through the spine at all?

It's just now that I am putting 2 and 2 together and everything is pointing to the Vagus Nerve.  But which doctor to pull it all together?  It's like the 4 blind men trying to describe an elephant, each can only see their own specialty and don't consider the rest of the picture.  Which doctor is the best one to see to pull the pieces of the puzzle together????

I'm not sure which way to turn.  I could ignore it and have moderately severe pain when I eat, drink or belch, a bumpy heart, seizures effecting my sleep, and depression all my life..... OR, I can have the VNS implant and perhaps get relief? or get a worsening of symptoms.......  Oh, it's a scary place to be....

429700 tn?1308011423
I just stumbled across this community because of GI problems I've been experiencing.  This post caught my attention because I've had trouble with it and so has my sister.  We both have MS.  

Have you ever had a brain MRI to determine if you have damage/lesions in the brain causing some of the symptoms?  I'm curious if what's causing your symptoms is the CNS and not coming from the vagal nerve.  I also get the tightening in my esophagus that you've mentioned.  Just a thought.  It could be totally unrelated.  Another thought could be a work up for autoimmune disorders which can also cause some of those symptoms.

This is a very interesting topic.  Keep us posted.  I hope things work out well for you.

Avatar n tn
Ive got the same symtom. an in experience doctor will diagnose this as a heart problem. It is not. It started out as a peptic ulcer with me. spicy food,junk food and alchohol is the culpit and lastly Caffienated drinks
Avatar f tn
Try a neurologist who specializes in the Vagus Nerve Stimulator.
I had one put in to control my seizures in 2000 and the battery is still working!
If you are in Las Vegas, NV try Gabriella Gregory.
If you are in Boston, Mass try Stephen Glyman

Otherwise just Google "Neurologists familiar with the VNS implant" and your city.
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