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What can I put in my enema solution to remove hardened stool from my rectum?

     I believe I have severe constipation.  I have been constipated for at least a few weeks.  I believe that there is hardened stool in my rectum.  My mother gave me an enema and she said that she felt (hardened) stool.  I don't believe that the enema removed much of the hardened stool.  How can I remove the hardened stool from my rectum?  Is there something that I can put in the enema solution?  Thanks for your help.

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I will tell you this.  If the waste is right there and ready to come out but won't, then one of the treatments is to get "BabyLax" or "PediaLax" from the drugstore, it's a very small box of a bunch of ointment tubes, you squirt two in the rear, and your waste will come out in minutes.  By doing this, it will allow more waste to work its way down over a period of a day or less, and if it gets stuck at the very end again, you can repeat the ointment tube squirt thing.  Eventually it'll all come out just by normal urges each day.

As for enema solutions, the internet can tell you all sorts of stuff to try, but the basic kind of homemade solution is warm tap water, and for each quart put a teaspoon of salt (if you use the bulb kind of enema, just a pinch of salt), and take your ordinary hand soap and pour the warm water over it, let any suds dissolve, and there you go. The salt and regular hand soap helps unclog a person.  You can use PLAIN KY jelly in the blue and white tube (do not use flavored kinds) and squirt some on your rear to make the tubing go inside easier.

Also, if you want to, you can put a piece of some household roll of plastic on your first couple fingers, put some KY jelly all over that, and VERY carefully, so as not to hurt any delicate tissues, dig some bits of waste out that is right there and ready to come out, you kind of push your fingers outward, and it will break down the size of stuff that needs to be relieved, and then this will allow larger amounts to pass normally on out after that, and then the rest will come out daily when you get a normal urge.  But I would not do this if you can get ahold of the BabyLax type stuff.

To prevent this from happening again, there are three things normally suggested to prevent constipation:  Drink plenty of water daily (shoot for six glasses), exercise regularly, and eat enough fiber foods.  Sometimes people get constipated even tho they do these things, and then this is usually because some medicine caused your waste to get stuck, like antibiotics, medicines that make the mouth dry, and sometimes vitamins.  When those things constipate you, just do the same things to get unstuck, and try eating oat cereal with Acidophilus milk from the grocery store for a couple weeks, the Acidophilus will help restore normal instestinal flora.  If you have not taken any medicines and this has happened you despite eating and drinking correctly, then you have to go see a doctor to make sure you don't have a bacterial infection in your gut doing this.

I hope this helps you out.  Check the internet, too, for enema solutions to use, just type into your home page's search rectangle the words "enema solution," and 50 million things will come up about all sorts of wild stuff to put in the solution.
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