What causes bloody farts?
by samika, May 11, 2009
I had bad pain from upper to lower abdomen.  Took two Tums and the upper ab pain was gone.  The lower ab pain felt like severe menstral cramps -- like I'd just given birth.    Went to the bathroom and had a brownish vaginal discharge -- like I was getting my period.  Came home took 600mg ibuprofen and felt 'better'  Later that night, I felt like I needed to pass gas and gave it  a slight push.  I thought I had a diarreah fart and went to the bathroom -- it was a bloody fart!!
The next day, I felt great the entire day -- no pain, so soreness, no bloating...nothing. What could possibly have caused this?  I've never experienced anything like this before.
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by FurballsMom, Feb 01, 2012
Any time you have blood in the stool, you should see y our doctor.  Even if it seems like the blood was temporary.  Something is clearly wrong internally, so you need to see a doctor.  It sounds like something wrong in the colon.