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Yellowish Watery Stool. Is it IBS or Something Worse?
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Yellowish Watery Stool. Is it IBS or Something Worse?

I'm hoping you can help me diagnose this:

In the last 12 hours, I've had lower abdominal pain followed by an unusual bowel movement consisting of a watery loose stool that's pale (small yellow chunks, yellow mucus when I wipe, and yellowish-brownish color in the water).  Before I get to my questions, a little background:  Back in Nov 08, during a physical and ultrasound to check for what was first thought to be an ulcer, the Doc told me there was some inflammation of my pancreas and liver (alcoholic hepatitis), and to stop drinking immediately, since I consider myself a heavy drinker.  If I stopped drinking I was told, everything would return to normal and be ok over time.  I am only 31 years old, so I was suprised.  Scared out of my wits, for the next 2 weeks I cut out drinking completely, dranks LOTS of water, changed my diet, then went for a follow up with my primary Doc (not the same person who did the ultrasound but works with that person - same office).  During this follow up visit, my Primary Doc said that my latest blood test showed the Pancreas was normal.  The liver was still not 100% but the doc said I could safely have 1-2 drinks a day in a 24 hour period without worsening the condition.  

Since the followup a month and 1/2 ago, I have been drinking in moderation as the doc ordered, drinking beer and wine mostly, but maybe went over 2 drinks a couple times.  No major binges or anything.

The yellow watery stool now has me terrified that it may be related to cirhosis or chronic pancreatitis, which are both irreversible.  However, I did a lot of research online about different conditions that match my symptoms, and all signs point to Irritable Bowel Syndrome because of my age (31), the gurgling sounds I get in my abdomen, lower abdominal cramping, the yellow watery stool, and I'm under stress at home and work recently.

With all of the above in mind, and the research I've done, my questions are:

1)  Could this yellow watery stool be from Cirhosis?  

2)  How about from Chronic Pancreatitis, Gallstones, or Pancreatitc Cancer?   Even if the Doc said my blood test showed normal for the pancreas?

3)  IBS?

4)  Celiac Disease?

5)  Hepatitis?

6)  Could this be Giarda (parasite in food and water)?  I consider this a possibilty since I live in San Diego, close to the Mexico border, and frequently eat Mexican food from smaller, local Mexican cafes and taco stands here in SD.  

I am thinking this is either IBS or Giarda.  I show no other symptoms except the minor lower abdominal cramping.  Other than that, I'm really not having much pain or anything.  From my perspective, I would have to be in A LOT more pain for this to be Cirhosis or Pancreatitis.  

Hoping this is only IBS or Giarda, since those are not life-threatening,  I realize this is a long post, but if someone could give me their expert opinion, I would be most grateful.  Looking for some peace of mind here.  

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well,as you say your a heavy drinker,with some liver issues,and some pancreas issues..
i think the yellow indicated bile in the stool,wich would back up the liver/pancreas problems.
listen,,,if you dont lay completely off the booze,your going to develop pancreatitis,and this will kill you,,,is that something you can understand?
i have a buddy who is 37 years old with 2 small children,and hes dieing!!
chronic pancreatitis only get worse over time,it starts to digest itself and you need your pancreas!!
ibs is something that you deal with all the time,and gardia is a possibility,but easy to pick up on a fecal test...highly doubtfull it was or is that.
i do think it was related to the liver/pancreas elevated levels.
i think your in the very first stages of permenent damage,,,so please take this as a wake up call friend!!
any ,,and i mean any consumption of alcohol can cause your pancreas to start the downward spiral of pancreatitis,and death usualy follows withen 5-7 years after diagnosis.
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