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colonoscopy experience & prep
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colonoscopy experience & prep

This will be my 2nd colonoscopy :-)
I am 28 yrs old. In sept (last year) I had my first colonoscopy.
I originally went to my ob/gyn complaining of stomach pain (I thought mostly due to endometriosis)
So... my ob/gyn told me to go see a Gastroenterology specialist. This is to rule out other causes of stomach pain besides endometriosis.  
I went to a G.I. specialist- he did a colonoscopy.
With the first colonoscopy I had it didn't go that well. The specialist I had took about 2 minutes to do my colonoscopy. With the results I ended up having inflammed sigmoid colon.
after my colonoscopy was done & I woke up the dr. told me that I have an inflammed sigmoid colon.
with my dr. appt. after my colonoscopy the dr. then says "your pain could be due to endometriosis"; it was very confusing with what the dr. said 1st time & then 2nd time.
my ob/gyn said he has had paitients go to the same G.I. dr. with the same results as me.

I got referred to a wonderful G.I. specialist :-) he said he wanted to start all over.
With this colonoscopy it's scheduled for April 14th, 2010.
Bowel Prep:
1st colonoscopy- This was my first bowel prep:
I did clear liquid diet (ALL day- breakfast, lunch, dinner)
stool softeners
drink gulytully (huge jug of clear salty stuff). I drank that at noon time. almost all the jug was done & I threw up :(
2 enemas morning of & stool softeners morning of test...
I didn't do to well with the first prep, since I threw up afterwards. So I informed the dr. this time.
he changed my bowel prep :-)

Lets see:
now~ (for this bowel prep): Day before my procedure on april 14th.
Clear liquids (ALL DAY- breakfast, lunch, dinner): no red, purple, orange dyed stuff; I read it stains...
This time the mixture is miralax/gatorade (hopefully that's ok & I don't throw up). it says on instructions buy 1 32 oz bottle of gatorade (I bought 2 32oz bottles yellow gatorade: to hopefully clean me out extra good).
I take 2 ducolax pills (I'm going to take at 4pm)  
I start drinking the mixture at 5pm- 16 oz (I'm going to drink 8oz 15mins+15mins) . I'm going to mix the stuff the night before to make sure it's COLD!!!
I drink 2nd half (16oz. at 6pm).

Colonoscopy day:
I start drinking 2nd half of mixture 5 hrs before colonoscopy, I take 2 ducolax pills I would say an hr before I drink the 2nd half of gatorade mixture. after drinking 16oz- i drink 3 glasses of clear liquids within the hr.
I'm supposed to have nothing by mouth 3 hrs before my colonoscopy.
I'm supposed to check in at 11am, colonoscopy is at 1pm.
I guess if I take the ducolax pills around 5am, start drinking gatorade mix around 6am (finish all liquids by 8am) I should be ok?
I want to make sure I do my prep as directed, & am ALL cleaned out. i think I'm cleaned out when the poop is completely liquid.

I'm wondering how many of you had to do the miralax/gatorade bowel prep? how did that go? hopefully I don't throw up half way through drinking the stuff.

Lets see... I'm wondering about a last meal? The day before I do my bowel prep. I am able to eat regular food. I think my last colonoscopy I had clam chowder soup & a hoagie roll & I was able to be cleaned out drinking the Nutyly drink.
if I did fine last time having for dinner clam chower & roll do you think it would be ok to have that again for my meal before doing my clear liquids & bowel prep?

Any suggestions or anything would be great.

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For this meal you are talking about you should not have anything that could get stuck in your intestines.  This includes seeds, popcorn, etc.  You are cleaned out when your stool is liquid and light colored, not just liquid.  I don't think you mentioned how much miralax they want you to take in total.  I have never heard of that technique before.  I think throwing up is pretty normal, I sure did a bunch during my prep but had to keep drinking the stuff.  The rule the doctor told me is if you throw up wait 15 minutes and then start drinking again.
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Hi there, I had the gatorade prep except, I had to take 3 dulcolax at 9 am. I had to drink a 10 oz bottle of magnesium citrate at 12. I had to mix the miralax with the gaterade at 9 am also and put in fridge. Also put the citrate in fridge as well. Its very lemony.. It wasn't that bad. I then had to start the gaterade mixture at 3 and drink full glass every 10 min. until first half of mixture was gone, then start drinkin 2nd half at 430. It was not bad. Not bad at all to make you wanna throw up. Then they said it stools were not running clear or yellowish by 9 pm to drink other bottle of magnesium citrate.  Then I was not to have anything at all day of procedure.  It worked really well.. Good luck and please keep me posted.
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Yes I am currently getting ready for my second one this time with biopsy. My advise it to use the flavor pack and to make sure it is refrigerated. It is a salty tasting mix and works fast. You will find that as you go it will be easier to drink it in the bathroom as it will seem to go thru you as your drinking it. My other advise is to avoid anything that has color as this will show in the end result and then you will have to drink additional water to get it clear. It is really not as bad as some say. My first was done while I was hospitalized which was not a good situation as you know you never get a room alone. HAHA.

As long as you follow the directions and avoid colored items and drink it cold you should be fine. Also I advise that if you work to take the day off and maybe the day after as you may still have some looseness the next day.

Wish you the best and take care.
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