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consistent loose stools, going on 6 months
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consistent loose stools, going on 6 months

I am hoping to get an expert opinion on my situation.  For the past 6 months or so, I have been experiencing consistent looseness of bowel movements.  They look the same, feel the same, every day basically, with no change.  I otherwise feel ok - not really any pain, no fever, or other classic warning signs involved.  I am worried that this will be permanent.  

The bowel movements consist of small pieces, they exit so easily, with some urgency at times.  Its never liquid diarrhea, but formed, somewhat thinner, broken up into many small pieces.  I always go right when I wake up in the morning, then maybe 1-2 times after that.  Usually not more than 3 times per day.  I feel like my doctor isn't taking me seriously because in diagnostic terms, I am a borderline case.  

My tests so far from the doctor have come back fairly normal.  All blood tests, stool cultures, and small bowel x-ray were normal.  I am now being tested for vitamin D deficiancy.  I've been told to try soluble fiber supplements and magnesium supplements.  Didn't notice much of a change on either, both for a one-week time period.  I do take prozac, 40 mg, one a day.  

My possible thoughts are (and I hope someone will tell me if Im way off here) -
1) celiac, even though my blood panel was normal
2) parasite, even though stool culture was negative
3) some kind of serotonin problem in my gut, brought on by prozac usage
4) IBS, even though I don't fit the classic "pain" criteria
5) some other unknown, potentially serious problem!

It doesn't really mess my day up too much, I can still function although I have a significant amount of stress over what it could be...I have lost maybe 5 pounds over 6 months?  From 165 down to 160.  They want me to do a colonoscopy in a month, which I guess might help to rule out a few things.  On one hand, I want to mark this down as IBS and try to forget about it and relax, but on the other hand, its every day, the same.  No pain or "flare ups"...I'm not bed-ridden or bent over in pain, so I am trying to convince myself it can't be anything too serious...and on the other hand, I fear it could be cancer, a problem with the liver or pancreas, something hard to detect or rare.  I am driving myself nuts with my bowel movements every day!  

Any suggestions?

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hi, my dad has the exact same problem as you do. All the tests are done and the results were fine. So they are going to do colonoscopy in september...Anyways since last week I started giving him 1tsp of fennel seed after every meal. And since then he is saying that after 6 months atleast there is a change in his stool. According to him 50% better. But anyways please can you let me know if your result came out good?
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