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pain in the right upper side feels like its bruised. pain will sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night and makes me get up. sometimes just getting up reliefs my pain other times just turning in bed will bring relief. pain cna continue for hours and disappears all of a sudden.  even when i have no pain, feels like i have a bruised rib. have had this for a couple of years already. doctor seems to think i am suffering from spasms. what can bring relief?

This discussion is related to RUQ pain - no diagnosis.
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**Read below - but please look into: Mastocytosis ( as this might also be a cause, that is a rare but "controllable" disease.  I have yet to receive my results from this test, but will have them within the week.

I am 25/f and have had severe pain for the past two and half months. symptoms have included:
- RUQ Pain - travels through back (not to shoulder) sometimes wraps around the side.
- Excessive Sweating Bouts, generally noticed at night time
- Joint Aches/"Bone" Aches
- Have at different times had labored breathing
- Inconsistent pain associated after eating
- Severe Constipation (though severely aggravated by narcotics at one point); possible fissures
- No Fever
- Fatigue
- Loss of Appetite for periods of time/Interest in food (but still ate)
- Noticeable Bloating after eating
- Tender to touch in "gallbladder area"
- Overall Flu like Feeling without Fever
- Bouts with Nausea Vomiting

Have had:
- Blood Work
- CT Scan (2x)
- Ultra Sound
- The test with the tube down your throat (can't think of the name)
- 24 Hour Urine Catch
- X-Rays
- HIDA Scan (2x) (*you must be off narcotics for at least 24 hours)
and various other tests

**ONE POSSIBILITY: I was recently seen by a doctor at Brigham and Women's in Boston, where a GI doctor tested for: Mastocytosis (refer:

I am "allergic" to alcohol where I will sometimes have hives or blotchiness within minutes.  

I do not have a constant rash, but am sensitive to perfumes/dyes/lotions

That's one area I am testing, so I haven't seen that in the threads yet.  

I still have a very localized pain in RUQ, and in the past several weeks have been on everything from Zofran for Nausea, to Dilauded for Pain.  I have been off narcotics for about two weeks now, and even with "regular stools" still have terrible pain when passing stools.  

Miralax, Colace, Milk of Magnesia and the rest of them have been in use.  

I am still praying for an answer, but even with eating any type of food, like salad, or drinking Superfood by Odwalla still seem to aggravate my stomach.  It seems irrelevant what i eat, when I eat, or if i eat.  

But so far no answer.  

I have been to two chiropractors, where t6 & t7 have been adjusted, but no long term relief achieved.

Ativan (an anti-anxiety medication used for GI spasm) & Benedrayl have helped me sleep through the night.  (sp?) levakin has also provided temporary relief.

Long post - I'm sorry, I've been through the mill with drugs, doctors and alternative medicine
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Have you been checked for Celiac disease?

I posted this at some other Upper Right Quadrant pain sites:

Been getting some good relief for my year long bout with undiagnosed Upper Right Quadrant Pain.
First thought to be gallstones then ulcer and now more muscular skeletal.  
Currently I am working on the later two possibilities.

For the Ulcer / Mucosal Lining help :
-Aloe King Aloe Vera -1 oz morning and evening
-New Chapter's  Supercritical Omega-7 (Sea Buckthorn) healing for all skin 2-4 per day
-Synergistics, Mucosa Max 1 at the beginning of each meal
-Grape Bitters 30 minutes before each meal
-Probiotic 30 minutes after each meal
-Wellness Resources GI Soother and Wellness Resources GI & Muscle Helper - taking these together once or twice a day I was also taking Wellness resources Sulfur Plus (MSM) supplement until I ran out.

-Clean Diet  -mostly vegetarian,with some Organic veggie juicing -potato and cabbage are supposed to really help ulcers but I mostly do parsley, celery and cucumber with a little carrot, beet and ginger.  

For the Muscular Skeletal help:
-The Egoscue Method  
Sessions and daily exercises designed for helping my alignment and support.
-Myofascial / Trigger Point massage therapy - massage sessions

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Forgot to mention:
I have been eating gluten free even though I tested negative twice for Celiac disease, I think I may be sensitive to gluten. I just was not feeling well whenever I ate bread.

So I have been much better during the last month eating gluten free, taking supplements for ulcer/ mucosal lining and doing The Egoscue Method.
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