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husband stomach pain
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husband stomach pain


My husband has been having stomach pain for approx 4-5 weeks now.  It is on the left side and when he presses around his belly button he can feel a lot of pain.  This was earlier accompanied by a burning sensation and more recently he has been more nauseous.

He is extremely worried which i'm sure is also helping to exagerrate the condition.  We went to a private hospital nearly two weeks ago where they tested his urine and also took 3 blood samples.  They diagnosed a water infection, possibly in his bladder and gave him antibiotics.  He was still in pain a couple of days later and we went to our NHS hospital who advised that he may have been feeling sick as he had been taking aspirin, paracetamol and ibrupofen together and advised him to just take ibbrupofen and paracetamol and complete his course of antibiotics.  After he completed the course which was approx 5 days ago, he was still feeling no better and went to his doctor who has taken more blood.  We are awaiting the results tomorow.

Do you have any advice as to the cause?  As you can imagine it is very worrying. My husband has been concerned that he may have cancer, although earlier tests have confirmed that his blood is fine.  I know that we are getting the results of blood tests tomorrow but am skeptical as to what they will show as he has already had tests done.  I am very concerned about him as he has not been himself, more withdrawn, and is constantly pressing in his stomach to  check for the pain.

Also, this evening he has developed what looks like a burst blood vessel in his eye.  There is a brownish small line on his inner left eye (what I initially thought looked like a very small piece of tobacco) a couple of mm's across and it is bloodshot around that area.  Could this be due to his stress levels?

Please can you give me your advice about what you think may be the matter.

Many Thanks
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When you get the results from the blood tests back, check to see if they looked for changes in liver function, pancreatic function and if they investigated whether or not he has H. pylori - a bacterium that is implicated in acid reflux. If these have not been done, and depending on what they actually tested for, you may want to make an appt with your doc and get some further testing done. What you're describing is too 'general' right now to really really suggest what might be going on, but with continuing discomfort the situation really needs to be looking into.

In the meantime, see is you can correlate his symptoms with any types of food that he's eating. In other words, do fatty foods, or spicy foods make the situation better or worse, etc.

And when you see the doc, make sure to tell the doc if your husband has had any change in his bowel habits.

Thanks for your help. Im the husband - David.

I have been to the docs today and she said my blood and urine were all clear. However she did say that liver result was a bit higher than normal. I didnt really get too much from her on this so i can really comment more. The pain has been here for 4/5 weeks now. The first blood test i had done which was about 2 weeks ago shown my liver to be normal.

So whatever has shown up in my liver, i think has been after the original pain and also hte first test. I dont drink alcholol that much. Probably 1 unit per month at best.

My doctor has referred me to a specialist for my intestine. She has also given me Meberverine to ease the pain and to soften my intestines.

My bowels have been regular, once per day but they have been quite loose.

I generally eat a mixture of foods and havent really changed what I eat before or since the pain started.

My doc thinks it may have something to do with my bowel lining but she has said she doesnt it is anything serious given my blood tests are back. I wish i have taken a pen and paper to take notes. She did mention that my white blood count was normal, that my prostate was clear and there was no bladder infection (i had urine test also), that there were no signs of inflammation traces within the blood.

Thanks in advance,
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