i know a way to get rid of sour stomach and nasty burps!
by gochoosy1, May 23, 2009
if you suffer from nasty burps and horrible stomach aches, and heartburn,, it can most likely be from eating tooo much protein and fat, especially animal foods and milk.  these things raise the hydroclhoric acid in your stomach.  The best and natural cure, and it is better for you and cheaper than going to the doctor.  ANd it really works, and FAST!!!!
MIx some baking soda with cold water and drink.  you will burp for like 5  minutes straight and then you will feel almost brand new again.  if you suffer sour stomach or rotten egg burps, you have to try this!  You will be so happy to learn this trick !!!  and you will feel relief within 5 to 10 minutes.. it is amazing!!!!!!

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by marissa39, May 24, 2009
by BigBear22, Aug 29, 2009
how much of the water do u drink and how much baking soda do u put into the water...i have poured alot in to a glass cause i cannot take this any longer.
by FurballsMom, Aug 30, 2009
There are instructions for this on the box itself.  I don't recommend doing this regularly or routinely, but occasionally.  It will work.  I use it once in a while myself, and it will help.  It is NOT recommended by doctors.  Occasional is one thing, but routinely is actually not a good idea.  I've been told that one should actually use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water, more or less.  It can be diluted by quite a bit.  It sounds contrary because vinegar is an acid.  If you use the vinegar, be sure to get the unfiltered kind of apple cider vinegar.  Bragg's has a book you can order that would have more information, but you should be able to do an internet search for this one.
by drill24151, Nov 18, 2009
Or, do what I do when I get this, try not eating for a day. You're already feeling kind of sick from it anyway; give your stomach a break; that's what it's trying to tell you anyway. By the next day you will be feeling much better. And who knows, it just may springboard you into a healthier diet.
by dancesinair, Jan 18, 2010
So I find the protein and milk thing interesting...
I am a very active person and typically have a high protein vegetarian diet when I am not totally vegan/ raw in the summer.

two weeks ago I had a weird party food item called "pig newtons" that someone made.. some sort of bread, lots of butter pan fry style with ham/bologne in it... I bloated up for over a week and had strange eating patterns after that.

then this weekend I thought it would be ok to order tilapia on a salad and it came fried as well. yuck. so I naturally ate it anyway. the next day I further broke into carnage by having some eggs.
as soon as I ate the eggs I got full on sour stomach. no diarreah, just horrible gas. I have had sour stomach before, but eating meat just KILLS me whenever I try. is it just the nature of meat or is part of the high protein I get from beans, nuts, soy, greek yogurt and everything vegetarian i eat throwing me over the line as well?
by meme1109, Feb 14, 2011
Wow! I have suffered with this problem all of my life. Super stinky burps, rotten gassy stomach, and the runs. My mother in law told me to do the same thing and it worked like a charm. I tried everythinh from alka seltzer to peptol and could never get better. I took about 4-5 oz of warm water, a tbsp of bakin soda, and a squeeze of a lemon andvwas better in less than 10 minutes. Thanks for this post!
by patient915Blank, Feb 14, 2011
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