incomplete bowel movement problems
by dessertbrdr, Feb 12, 2007
im 19yrs old. before a year and a half ago i had perfectly regular bm's. Now i get the urge to go and everything gos fine at first then mid-way through, my bowel movement just quits. Its emmbarasing but the stool like breaks off and even though theres stool right about to come out, it wont, no matter how hard i try, it leaves me feeling very uncomfortable like something stickin out my butt(litteraly). My stool isn't dry so taking fibre made it worse. I've had strectoscopy(?), mri, blood tests and several gastroentoligist(doctor) visits. And they found nothing wrong. im currently taking nelnorm which gives me diarrhea the first couple days of taking then once i've taken it for 2+ days it doesn't help at all.                 Somebody PLEASE HELP thanks
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by zoelife, Feb 20, 2007
Iam not sure why your having this problem, but most times things like this can be solved by just introducing some GOOD bacteria into your intestines. The best product I have found for this is intestiFlora,(Sku #AA-0114) made by Nutrilite.
You will find Nutrilite products on this site by clicking on health.You'll also want use the digestive Enzymes, Sku #A-8903. Any money, this will fix your problem. Although maintaning these results will require you to include more (LIVE)foods in your diet. For an example un cooked and un processed foods, such as raw fruits and raw veggies...
Sincerly, Zoelife

P.S. Drink lots of Water
by villdeb, Mar 01, 2007
I too have the similar symptoms. I'm 52 and this began about two years ago.  I eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables every day and drink lots of water.  This is very annoying, and advice will be helpful.
by whatever705, Mar 12, 2008
I too have the same symptoms you mentioned....incomplete bowel movement is the "nice" term from my GI dr.  I had a colonoscopy which was fine.  He and my primary Dr. recommended fiber....doesn't help.  I get better relief (when it allllll comes out) by being constipated and the stool is very firm!  Occasionallly, that happens and I get so happy but then the next day, back to incomplete.  I was wondering if you took advice of zoelife for the intesti Flora, digestive enzymes, raw foods and did it work....that is my next hope beside another trip to different GI Dr.
by e12, Dec 10, 2008
i too have this problem, any suggestions would be appreciated. i have tried eating fiber but this does not make any difeerence.... please help
by cool4529, Dec 16, 2008
This is a very dangerous symptom of what could be colon cancer. Incomplete elimination is the key symptom of colon cancer. If you keep ignoring this problem, it maybe very late.  

Here is what you should do if you have incomplete elimination,

1) STOP eating anymore foods. Eat only liquid foods or light foods that are very easy to digest. Eat very low fiber or no fiber, because digesting fiber is difficult if digestive system is not fully working.

2) Follow the routine in step 1, for few days and notice your bowel movements. If you feel totally empty and experience full elimination switch back to regular eating.

If it does not help, see a doctor.

Holding stuck feces inside results in fecal stagnation and that can lead to a variety of complications including cancers, constipation, intestinal infections etc etc.

And the worst thing you can do in such circumstance is to overeat or indulge into eating for pleasure.
by e12, Jan 29, 2009
hey, I have had this problem with about a year now. i do have "good spells" where everything goes back to normal but these only last for a week at most and they do not occur very often. there has also been an increase in my amount of gas. i am certain that   there has been some damage to the surrounding muscles, and this explains the reason why I "cant let go". there has been no other symptoms except for these..  is there any d.i.y treatment for such damage? please do not suggest the doctor, i am mortified!!
by e12, Feb 08, 2009
Any ideas, please?
by Katy62, Feb 11, 2009
I've got the same problem, but the cause of it is a proctocele - a sack ( stretched tissue)  in a lower area of the colon. It makes impossible to eliminate all the feces during BM - part of them just got trapped in this sack. I've undergone a proctocele surgery 3 years ago - it didn't help. Now there is a new technics  to perform this type of operation - I think I'll go through it, 'cause it's not life if your mood and thoughts swirl around your success in the restroom.
by e12, Feb 22, 2009
hey katy,
thanks for replying, its good to know what it is because it is really frustrating. do you have any advice for coping with it? I will see a doctor eventually but i jus want to get my exams out the way first!