night sweats lower abdominal pain lower back pain
by warnersister, Jun 24, 2009
I have been having night sweats, lower left abdominal pain (light) and lower left back pain.  The pain comes and goes and mainly at night when I am laying down.  I have just come off pain medication (hydrocodone).  The night sweats have been for some time, but the lower left/abdominal & back has just started in the last week.  Could this be due to the pain medication?
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by Matthew007, Jun 24, 2009
it's possible, i've heard pain medication causes constipation as a side effect and you might be getting a small case of diverticulitis..lots of medicines cause constipation, especially sleeping pills/pain pills because they sort of 'deaden' the nerves from pain but also slow down motility.

Hopefully you don't need that pain medication anymore and i'd start adding a little more fiber and water to the diet to get things going again..hopefully it's not divertiuclitis or anything like that...

also with night sweats you might have a thyroid issue..that also causes constipation and night sweats/flashes insominia and such so if the fiber or symptoms don't go away i'd maybe think about getting that checked out but the simple route is to stop those pain meds and get things moving again without any straining*  *important not to do*