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pain in right rib area (under and below rib) including under breast
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pain in right rib area (under and below rib) including under breast

Hello Im trying to find if anyone knows wht this may be, Ive had many tests and they have all came back normal, which seems totally ludicrous given the amount of pain I live in daily, and I cant help but worry that it might be something rare that would take more umph to find than the average Doc has these days or the big C -so scared!
OK heres my symptoms for 2yrs now
-pain below Right rib (originally started as a weird discomfort that I couldnt describe
-pulling feeling under rib when I lay on left side ( I can ONLy sleep on the affected side, which is not comfy either but more tolerabl than the left stomach sleepin is OUT and on the back very uncomfortable too
-sitting hurts bending is the WORST (and also unavoidable with a 2 yr old)
-sore thraot
pain under breast (right) and in back directly behind right breast
-*NEW* feeling like I cant get enuf breath in and almost as if right lung is not big enuf
-pain whilst breathing, coughing sneezing etc
-pain INCREASes very much with excercise ( so depressing I used to be an exercise freak,,if I try now i end up in awhole lot of extra pain for like 3 days)
-during this last two years with this problem Ive also had lots of congestion problems,colds and allergies which I NEVER had a problem with any of those in my life (Im 29) and lots of yeast infections (never had hardly any of those before this problem) maybe these things are b/c my resistatnce is down due to whatever the problem is-or maybe cause I dont exercise anymore??
-sometimes also feel discomfrt in right armpit??
-bowel movemnts are normal by the way
-swelling in the area of pain
-more pain whilst trying to sleep, sleep is VERY compromised due to the pain, pain wakes me in the morning early as well, feels as if Im layin on a bloated swollen organ or a football (feels like its shaped like that for some reason)-
-the only Only thing that offers a minimal amount of help is raw garlic pressed in a garlic press and I just put it in my mouth and use some water to push it down ( before finding this sleep was even more compromised)
-intermittent nausea
-couple of times (twice) pain was so bad I couldnt get out of bed for like 24 hours

anyone know anything please anything im so desperate at this point-all tests so far have been on my like gallbladder and liver stomach esophagus and in that general area. starting to wonder if theres something actually wrong with my rib, or lung? I seen some other ppl in another post say thier pain goes when havng fun or concentratin on somthing else, that IS  not the deal with me, this pain does not ever ever ever go anywhere its with me 24-7 the only time I felt normal was one day when I took a whole tramadol, but I dont like pain pills and though my side felt normal my head felt really strange ( I dont like that high feeling at all)

This discussion is related to Pain Behind Right rib-(Not underneath Rib).
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I know you said your were tested, but the areas of the pain you describe along with the feeling of having a football under your rib do sound like a liver or pancreas issue to me. Have you had any scans? Many people have cysts (most benign) that can actually cause pain because of everything they're pusing on and even an elarged organ itself can feel like what you describe. A malfunctioning organ can make your immune system **** out, too. Just making sure you had the liver panel and a scan.... sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  Good luck!
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You are going to need a good Gi doctor. They are not all the same, as I unfortunately found out. I have suffered for many, many years with Gi pain and am now finding out that they think my pancreas is shot.
Look around on the internet for a GI doctor that SPECIALIZES in liver, pancreas and gallbladder disorders. For my searches, I picked the name of the City nearest me which is pittsburgh and just went on google and searched:
Gastroenterlogist pittsburgh specializes pancreas liver gallbladder

From there, the first TWO pages filled up with ONE doctors name, so I picked him. Hope this helps.
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sounds like you're passing a gallbladder stone of sorts and having an attack, or sludge... i'd get to a GI specialist asap.  CT scan or ultrasound for the area and maybe HIDA scan...could be SOD if your gallbladder is removed..there's not many things it could be for upper right quad pain.
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I just started getting pain on my right side i thought it was a injury from training its been 3 weeks and the pain wont go away the pain comes and gos under my armpit all the way to my Arm ive taken Pain killers and which it has no Affect what so ever since this has been going my immune system has been crap Colds,Flu,where this Pain has increased due of coughing like you i would also know what this in my 40+...      
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