pain in upper right abdomen near belly button
by gizmo15, Nov 19, 2009
I have a "spot" of pain in my upper right abdomen.  It is located to the right of my belly button and slightly above my belly button.  It feels better when I apply pressure to it.  It has been happening for the last few days.  However, it's been constant for almost an hour at this point which is the longest it has ever lasted.  I also have a burning pain running above the spot to my breast area that comes and goes.  I have irritable bowel syndrome primarly with constipation.  I also have lower and upper abdominal bloating equally on both sides that I have been experiencing for the last 6 days.  The bloating is gone in the mornings but throughout the day, I bloat more and more until at night I look as though I am 6 months pregnant.  Lying down helps take the pressure from the bloating away.  I am most concerned about this one area of pain as it is fairly new.  I had a cat scan of my abdomen about a year ago and all was clear.  
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by somuchbetter, Nov 19, 2009
I just saw my surgeon and when he pressed on my belly button he said that spot was usually attributed to a hernia of some sort, and can be accompanied by the feeling of pressure and bloating because the diaphragm is getting pushed upward. I don't know a lot about hernias but its something to look into.
by Fert, Nov 19, 2009

Well,   it could also be gall or bile duct blockage (stones or grit)

Is it worse if eat fats like butter, steak?   If so eat only avocado, virgin coconut oil and see a naturalpath