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Hi respected  dr.,

I am a  female aged 43

I wish to know the possible reasons for this

I  had master health   and found that others are fine but   globulin levels have dropped

They have come down by nearly 9 points.,  .compared to the previous one tken say around 2 years back

,It is now at the low end of normal.(it was 3.2 earlier now it is 2.3).

during the same period albumin was up from 4.1 to 4.6 .Thus .a/g ratio has also risen

.Dr did not throw much light on this .he said things are o.k .

the dr  said It is albumin which should not go down and  is of more importance ..and a/g ratio higher is o.k
from what i have read on internet  I come to know that malnutrition poor liver /kidney function etc are some  of the

reasons for low globulins apart from many reasons .

I have had hysterectomy more than an year back due to too much menstural blood loss  and had one bottle of blood transfused that time.I dont know if this has  any role in this .

My digestion is not that good since a long time.,( had fat positive in stools) nine years back .That time dr said it is no big deal

I have a doubt if my pancreatic function is not good.But dr says I dont have diabetes

That means I guess not sure the fat in stools was due to nutrients are absorbed properly ..Mal absorption.

. My doubt  is swhat could be the possible  reason for globulin getting dropped and albumin increase  ?

my serum creatinine is  at low normal of the labs .. I am a vegeterian

does dehydration or premature aging( due to hysterectomy etc,)  have a role in all this .

I read on google that  low globulins  throw open the gates to possible easy infections and serious dieseases .

I am worried on this aspect .

What can I do to increase globulins without increasing albumins

I also wish to know how can I increase my protein and nutrient  absorption.   .. ?

My over all health and mind frame  is fine.

additonal details .

Liver test was o.k (according to the doctor) .Lipid profile :  ldl and total cholesterol /triglycerides was elevated first time with 6 hours fast .Dr doubted it and asked to repeat with 12 hour fast... in repeat after one week dr said it was o.k .

But still the dr has asked me to take rozavel 10 mg (From what i read on the net i think so it was prescribed to me to bring down ldl )

and I wish to know if it is safe for the liver and kidneys  to take rozavel., and is it o.k if i dont take for a week or so in

pschylogically after hysterectomy  I think so I have developed a  disliking for drugs and too much too frequent

testings .

according to the dr .kIdney function test was o.k .

Wish to get response from you

Thank you .
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Hi, yes usually the albumin globulin ratio is important as this is altered in  liver disorders. Low levels of globulins  are seen in immunocompromised patients, poor dietary habits, malabsorption and liver or kidney disease. But please dont worry about this, as doctors treat symptoms and not lab values. So, take care, be happy and eat a well balanced diet. Regards.
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